*Spoiler* New scenario for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


*Spoiler* New scenario for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
*Spoiler* New scenario for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Intercontinental Championship match: Apollo Crews vs Big E. Very nice and balanced match, which ends with the Big Ending of the former New Day and ... 1 ... 2 ... NO! Commander Azeez drags Big out and throws him at the stake. DISQUALIFICATION!

Apollo keeps the belt. After the match ... KEVIN OWENS ASSALE AZEEZ! With the return of Big E the two faces seem to have the upper hand, they get rid of Crews and attack the commander, but ... HELLUVA KICK FROM NOTHING! Sami Zayn steps in and the bad guys prevail.

In the end, Zayn takes a moment too long to return the belt to Apollo and, even though he tries to apologize and say that he has no problems with them, Azeez thinks well to end up with a Nigerian finger too. This move makes no sense, but it amuses me.

- Backstage The Miz predicts a Roman Reigns victory for tonight, while Cesaro is on Daniel Bryan's side and also accepts Seth Rollins' challenge launched at the beginning of the show. King Corbin says he doesn't care who wins, but he would like to see Bryan leave.

- From a closet Paul Heyman, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says he is sick of hearing Daniel Bryan's name and annoys him that the public still supports him, but tonight Roman Reigns will destroy him.

A new scenario for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Perhaps this particular booking decision could pay off in the form of a Fatal-Four-Way contest between Apollo Crews, Big E, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Title vs SmackDown's Career match - MAIN EVENT UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan.

Very balanced and exciting match, like practically any match involving the American Dragon. From the count of 2 after a Spear, I come out exhausted as if I were fighting in the first person. In the finale ... YES LOCK! Reigns attempts to get to the ropes, but Bryan brings him back and applies his subdivision move again.

The Tribal Chief, however, reacts, hits the rival, Powerbomb and ... GUILLOTINE with a series of punches! Bryan resists as much as possible but then passes out. BRYAN MUST LEAVE SMACKDOWN! After the match Reigns doesn't have enough and puts Daniel's head on a chair, but ...

CESARO INTERVENES! The Swiss comes to Bryan's aid but is in turn surprised by Jey Uso. Jey hits Cesaro and then blocks him, forcing him to see his friend hit with a chair in the back of the head by the Universal champion. I want to end with a small personal note.

I realize how much I still love wrestling in these moments when I get excited and cheer disproportionately for a wrestler despite all the rumors and news already read that take his defeat for granted, but I don't care about logic and I hope so anyway.

The fact that 90% of the time that wrestler is Daniel Bryan, one who recently said he doesn't feel completely comfortable in the ring anymore, definitely hurts me. Will he take a break? Probably yes, but I want him fit and WWE Champion as soon as possible.

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