Alberto Del Rio pays tribute to his father

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Alberto Del Rio pays tribute to his father

On March 2, 2017, Alberto Del Rio made his debut at Impact Wrestling, with the ring-name of Alberto El Patrón. In his debut, he won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating champion Bobby Lashley incorrectly and therefore had to vacate the title the following evening.

On April 22, he defeated Magnus, winning the Global Championship. On July 2, at Slammiversary XV, he beat Bobby Lashley and unified the titles held by each, becoming the first holder of the Unified World Heavyweight Championship.

On August 14, Impact Wrestling suspended Alberto El Rio for two months following alleged episodes of domestic violence against his girlfriend, Paige, also depriving him of the title. The Mexican made his comeback in the November 5th episode, attacking Eli Drake.

On 6 April 2018 Alberto El Patrón did not show up at an Impact Wrestling event in New Orleans (Louisiana) and was therefore fired from the federation the following day. The charges have since been dropped, and Alberto Del Rio recently sat down for an interview with Lucha Libre Online's Hugo Savinovich to discuss various topics from his career.

Alberto Del Rio on his father

Alberto Del Rio was grateful to have had his father's support, and he expressed his immense love and affection during the interview. "Thank you for so many years of affection and love.

To my boss (father), Dos Caras, to my daddy, my old man who is watching this interview and who told me when I was with two hundred and seventy-something pounds (overweight) with depression and told me: 'Get up, you bastard.

You are my son, and I raised you to be the greatest. Get up because you are not finished, and they are waiting for you out there' My dear old man (father), I love you with all my heart," Del Rio stated. Alberto Del Rio was quick to note that his ex-partner dropped the charges within weeks of the initial report.

However, he could not tell his side of the story due to the legal proceedings in place. Del Rio stated: "After all the scandal happened, and I was accused of what I was accused of, she dropped the charges a few weeks later.

Although I was dying to tell the world that my ex-partner had dropped the charges, I was not allowed to do so so as not to interfere with the case we are handling here in San Antonio, Texas." Alberto Del Rio seems more than ready to move on from his recent experiences. The former WWE United States champion is scheduled to face the recently released Andrade this July.