Kurt Angle on Getting a Job Offer From Triple H for NXT

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Kurt Angle on Getting a Job Offer From Triple H for NXT
Kurt Angle on Getting a Job Offer From Triple H for NXT

Kurt Angle is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about Triple H Offering him a job to work at NXT after he left professional wrestling. Kurt Angle also spoke about a UFC superstar that might make it big in the world of professional wrestling.

On a recent episode of his podcast, he started speaking about Henry Cejudo. Henry is a former UFC Champion and he is also an Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt Angle is also an Olympic Gold Medalist and he was the first Gold Medalist to join WWE.

Henry won the Gold Medal in 2008 in amateur wrestling. Henry started his UFC career in 2014 in the flyweight and bantamweight division.

Kurt Angle on Possibly Working for NXT in The Near Future

Henry was present during Mike Tyson’s entourage in AEW.

Mike faced off against Chris Jericho. According to angle, Henry can fit well in the world of professional wrestling as he has all the skills required to make it big in pro wrestling. “He’s been having discussions with pro wrestling companies,” Angle said.

“I did talk to him yesterday, and I think his gimmick ‘Triple C’, ‘The King of Cringe’, he’s got the right idea about what he wants to do. He already has a gimmick because he’s already been doing it in MMA and UFC for so many years.

“I think he’d do extremely well, he’s a great athlete too”. He also revealed that he has been talking to Henry and probably will help him get into professional wrestling and help him reach the top of any promotion that he joins.

Angle then spoke about his WWE release. Kurt Angle retired around 2 years ago, but he still worked for WWE as a producer backstage. However, due to the pandemic, WWE started releasing staff members last year. Kurt Angle was among the people that were released.

However, Angle stated that he is interested in opening up a wrestling school or working at NXT. “I would consider doing it, it’s something that I enjoy doing,” Kurt Angle said. “Triple H offered me a job to train wrestlers, he wanted me to come down once a month to NXT.

Nothing transpired from it but maybe in the future, there might be some possibility. I like training people, I just don’t have a lot of time right now to do it, but I’m good at training people and teaching people stuff”.

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