Lance Storm Believes Women’s Wrestling Can Draw A Crowd

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Lance Storm Believes Women’s Wrestling Can Draw A Crowd

Even though Lance Storm never reached the top of WWE, he was still a very respected teacher and professional wrestling veteran before he joined the company. He recently spoke about the notion that women’s wrestling doesn’t draw.

Lance Storm worked for numerous professional wrestling promotions before he joined WWE. However, he was also very well known for running one of the best professional wrestling schools in the United States. That is the reason why he is very well-known in the industry.

However, his professional wrestling school has been shut down as he wanted to move on.

Lance Storm on WWE Female Stars Not Considered a Top Draw

Lance Storm fully acknowledges that Becky Lynch was on top of the wrestling world at one time.

In fact, she was the top draw in WWE at one time, and WWE used her on all brands. That was when WWE needed to build a star as John Cena was on his way out and they needed someone to fill his shoes. WWE used her because she was drawing large numbers and was one of the first women who main evented WrestleMania alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

Lance responded to a fan who stated that female wrestlers, whenever featured in high profile matches or main events, do not draw a large crowd. “Becky Lynch drew in key segments and main events,” Storm wrote. “The focus, story and long term presentation need to be there for anyone to draw in the Main Event.

You can’t just throw any 2 people (male or female) in the main event and expect them to draw”. Lance went on to say that women can be a top draw in WWE if they are presented as credible superstars and that is what most wrestling promotions have failed to do so far.

Before the women’s revolution, WWE used females as showpieces rather than actual professional wrestlers. “You want the women to draw they need to have a credible presentation and consistent strong booking for promos and matches so they are viewed as top stars and seen as truly important.

Women can draw Becky proved that,” Lance Storm said. Legendary female wrestler, Mickie James was recently released by the WWE. She stated that she pitched an idea to the WWE creative team to start an all-female brand. However, that idea was actually shot down as one of the WWE executives stated “women’s wrestling doesn’t really make money”. He also highlighted the fact that WWE Evolution was the lowest-rated WWE PPV ever.