Victoria on Being Listed in WWE’s 50 Greatest Women’s Superstar list

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Victoria on Being Listed in WWE’s 50 Greatest Women’s Superstar list

Victoria is one of the most influential WWE women’s superstars of all time, and she recently spoke about being part of WWE’s 50 Greatest Women’s Superstar list. Victoria actually was placed at #14, which is a very high number considering that WWE has produced numerous female wrestlers in the past.

On Talking Sass, she stated that she was shocked to see herself on the list. “I’m actually shocked I made the list,” Varon said. “I haven’t been wrestling in a while. I was surprised at the number I got.

I was so honored, it was shocking. To make the list was just an honor…if I was number 50 I would still be happy. It was such an honor, it blew me away”.

Victoria on Being at #14 on WWE's 50 Greatest Women's Superstar List

Victoria then spoke about her last appearance for WWE.

She appeared in the Women’s Royal Rumble match recently. “They called me 2 weeks prior,” Varon recalled. “To be honest with you, I saw the 203 area code and I didn’t answer. When we used to get the 203 area code calling, we were either fired, in trouble, or ‘hey we need you to fly out.’ My stomach started tingling (when I got) message.

And I’m like ‘wow, they want me at the Rumble!’. I hadn’t been to the gym, I don’t get my nails done, (I don’t get) botox, I don’t have hair extensions anymore, I’m not that Victoria-esque that people remember (of) me.

These girls – the athleticism now, how fast they work and the spots they do; (I thought) ‘am I going to be able to keep up?’ “The insecurities came back. I think people don’t realize how insecure we wrestlers are, especially being female.

That pressure of being skinny with no wrinkles, no grey hair, and just looking the part, I was self-doubting myself”. She stated that she was still feeling very nervous even when she arrived at the show. “I felt like a greenhorn.

I felt like a rookie,” Victoria said. “I was puking the day I landed, I was puking the day of rehearsal when we found) out our number. The next day I was throwing up because I was so nervous. My hands were sweating, I got a headache because I wasn’t eating.

My belly was just in knots. I’m not good at pretending I belong and acting confident until I come out of the curtain. When I hear my music, it triggers. I’m not Lisa anymore, I’m Victoria”.