NFL offered WWE millions of dollars to move Monday Night RAW

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NFL offered WWE millions of dollars to move Monday Night RAW

One of the most heartfelt and experienced wars in the history of world pro-wrestling is undoubtedly the one that took place on American TV screens between the 90s and 2000s, where the WCW and the WWE fought with each other to the sound of ratings for months and months, trying to prevail over each other, with the best possible product to be sent on TV.

The most epic clash obviously came on Monday, when WCW aired Monday Nitro in prime time, while WWF staged its Monday Night RAW, which has now become the longest-running weekly show in US television history. In the end, it was Vince McMahon who won that war, who also bought the rival company, also building a storyline around it, called Invasion, which, however, did not succeed in the best way, especially because the Mcmahons at that point had so many athletes in possession, not to know how to make them fight and where.

They really like to make sure that fans know that. There was a big offer from the NFL that would have eliminated some competition.

Charlie Haas on Monday Night RAW

In his latest interview released to the Wrestling Inc site microphones, former WWE athlete Charlie Haas, seen in the McMahon rings in the early 2000s, on which he became famous thanks to the Team Angle he was a part of, wanted to make an incredible revelation to fans and insiders who weren't working for McMahon at that time.

In his speech, Haas, in fact, stated: "It has now become public knowledge that the NFL tried to pay WWF to move Monday Night Raw, thus shifting the show from the NFL ratings and its Monday Night Football, tracing them back.

All this before Nitro was launched. The NFL was plummeting in ratings because RAW was really h*t at the time. They offered the McMahons more than a couple of million to move it to another day of the week, but they said no."

While ratings have plummeted for WWE in recent years as well, in hindsight, we learned how McMahon's move was the right one, with the then WWF being able to stand up to both the NFL and beat the competition from WCW, destroying rival companies with ratings, including ECW.

WWE has announced what fans can expect from the next episode of Monday Night RAW. Heading into WrestleMania Backlash, a few exciting stories are developing on the red brand in both the men's and women's divisions. Following his return during last Monday's episode, The All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will be back on RAW next week.

Lashley watched on from ringside as Braun Strowman defeated Drew McIntyre in Monday's main event to seal his passage to WrestleMania Backlash.