WWE legend comments on Daniel Bryan's current status

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WWE legend comments on Daniel Bryan's current status

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired on 28th April, on the American television screens of FOX, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns challenged each other once again with the Universal title up for grabs, this time, however, there was also a particular stipulation wanted by the Tribal Chief.

If Daniel Bryan had lost, in fact, he would have had to leave Smackdown forever. Obviously, as almost all the fans and insiders already imagined, it went just like that, with Roman Reigns who got the better of his opponent, even going to rage on him after the victory, showing Cesaro what he is capable of.

Backstage News on Daniel Bryan

In one of his latest online speeches, reported on the Sportskeeda website, it was revealed what is the thinking of the former WWE manager, Zeb Colter, also known in the world of pro-wrestling as Dutch Mantel, who was among other managers on-screen also by Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, just for McMahon.

Regarding Daniel Bryan's departure from Smackdown, Mantel said: "Bruce Prichard may be overextended. I mean, he might have way too much work already, seriously. You may have all sorts of help, but if you keep booking so much TV, it all falls apart after a while I think the most important thing to do right now is to pull up Raw, pull up the numbers and the best person to do this is definitely, Daniel Bryan.

So I think if he has to go anywhere else, then he will go to Raw. But he could also go to Raw, also working on NXT at the same time. "Speaking instead of the famous all-female brand, to which both Mickie James and Mick Foley were referring in the last few days, Mantel wanted to say: "Me too.

It really would be important because I think these guys would love it. I think a lot of women would go after him. This is what I think. Well, it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what Vince McMahon thinks and what people think with money, but I still think it's a very good investment to make in the present and in the future."

With Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expected to expire this year, many believe "The Leader of the Yes! Movement" has wrestled his last match in the company. However, there's a big possibility that WWE is using this as an opportunity for Bryan to switch brands. He could certainly help draw more eyes to Monday Night RAW, or he could even make an intriguing move to WWE NXT.