WWE wants to bring in Mario Lopez

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WWE wants to bring in Mario Lopez

In recent years, but in general, throughout the history of WWE on US television, the McMahon family has done everything to attract as many fans as possible to their product, by involving well-known faces from the world of entertainment to its weekly or PPV shows.

In fact, we are talking about characters of the caliber of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr T, Pamela Anderson, Snoop Dogg and many others. In fact, throughout the history of WWF/E, dozens and dozens of actors, singers, rappers, YouTubers, presenters and so on and so forth have appeared in the rings and backstage of the McMahon company, with each of them giving their contribution to keeping the limelight on that product that is offered to fans every week of the year and that not even the pandemic has managed to stop.

Mario Lopez might trade his microphone for bodyslams soon enough. He apparently has interest from WWE to do something. One of the last actors hired by the WWE, by its own admission, seems to be Mario Lopez, who's appeared in series such as Bayside School, Pacific Blue and many others.

Mario Lopez apparently has interest from WWE to do something

In the latest episode of the show, On with Mario Lopez, the actor is said to have confirmed this to Jerry "The King" Lawler, who was the guest of the evening.

"Jerry, they're trying to get me to do something in the ring. For my kids, I think I will, I will become part of a storyline. I'm almost 48 now - I'm still in great shape and I'm athletic. Any advice or any warning to give me before doing this? Anyway, I grew up with wrestling too."

After making these statements to his guest, Jerry Lawler himself would have made his compliments to Lopez, giving him his full approval, also praising the great work done by Bad Bunny in that of Wrestlemania 37, which has played a really match notable for a non-wrestler, in the rings of the most important and prestigious wrestling company in the world.

He mentioned how great Bad Bunny just did at WrestleMania and he encouraged Mario Lopez to do it, especially if it’s part of a bucket list situation. Lopez joked and said “I wanna wrestle Bad Bunny! I wanna body slam and suplex Bad Bunny!” He might just be able to work something out. WWE is always looking for big crossover names to bring more eyeballs to the product.