Reason why ship spot at WrestleMania was deleted

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Reason why ship spot at WrestleMania was deleted

One of the most sensational moments that have been missing since the airing of WrestleMania 37, was that much discussed and talked about the jump from the pirate vessel, built at the Raymond James Stadium by the WWE. Already during the eve of WrestleMania, there was much discussion about the fact that Kevin Owens could jump from the top of the ship that the federation would later build in the Tampa Stadium, which already had to happen the year before, but which due to the pandemic is finally over.

Already against Seth Rollins, in fact, the Canadian had decided to make a sensational leap, but the only leap we witnessed at Wrestlemania 36, was the one that arrived on the commentators' table, which however did not arrive from the vessel because, in the Orlando Performance Center, there was no space available to build it.

Raymond James Stadium hosted WrestleMania 37

As reported in the last hours by the overseas podcast, Fightful Select, it would seem that the initial intentions of WWE in the last period were precisely those of staging the fantastic spot from the top of the pirate ship built on the stage of the Showcase of the Immortals (WrestleMania), but several details are said to have led the federation to cancel the thing.

According to the reporters of the well-known site, WWE had initially thought of building the match between Owens and Zayn as a NO DQ, but since in the end, the direction taken was that of the normal single match, the jump from the boat became prohibitive, both for the timing of the thing and for the weather problems that occurred during the early evening.

For all these reasons, then, Kevin Owens was forbidden to jump from the ship, which he had wanted to do for more than a year and which unfortunately will no longer go on stage, to the sadness of his fans. Cesaro is set to face Seth Rollins again on next week’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

Discussing the WrestleMania 37 rematch, Rollins continued his theory about the rain delay after hearing Paul Heyman’s comments. Paul Heyman and Seth Rollins also gave their thoughts on two production errors on this week’s Talking Smack.

Heyman took exception to see Daniel Bryan in a video package, while Rollins complained about the production team playing his old music.