Randy Orton reflects on his WWE career

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Randy Orton reflects on his WWE career

One of the most important characters of the last years of WWE is undoubtedly Randy Orton, McMahon's multiple world champion, who together with John Cena has literally towed the entire company in the last decade, together with the collaboration of dozens of other very important and legendary ones.

wrestler. Over the past 20 years, Randy Orton has had an extraordinary upsurge that none of the Viper's colleagues can boast, with the last 365 days having been pivotal to both his career and WWE history in check of the global pandemic.

Last year on Raw, in fact, saw only Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton literally tow the red Monday night show, thanks to truly historic and impressive promos and matches.

Randy Orton on his future

Speaking to the microphones of AdFreeShow, in the Kurt Angle Show of the eponymous WWE Hall of Famer, Randy Orton wanted to tell fans when he will retire, giving his wife the delicate task of opening his eyes, in case he does not realize that he is aged too much for wrestling rings.

On the microphones of the Atlanta '96 Olympic champion's show, Randy Orton revealed: "The great thing and my wife Kim has already promised me, will be that she will have to keep an eye on me and when she thinks that I will have become a parody of myself or that I will become unable to do what the fans want to see from me physically so that it's believable, you know, maybe the RKO that doesn't run like before.

You know, if I can't do these things anymore, she promised me that she will let me know and that it will be time to hang up my boots, but until then, I put my trust in her hands, also because I continue to do what I love, thanks to our wonderful children.

I have five wonderful children. I have an amazing home - a beautiful wife. Life is really beautiful." This speech denotes the radical change that has taken place in the professional behind the character of the Legend Killer, from his young age when he was a simple reckless talent, who took his first steps in the ring.

of the WWE to father and husband of the family, who places total trust in his wife, who in turn will have to decide her fate, once the time has come to not be able to fight anymore in a ring as important as that of the WWE.

Randy Orton was excited to be in the company of the up-and-coming talent from NXT. He even attempted to break the ice with Matt Riddle. Orton stated that he walked up to Riddle and acknowledged him with playful interaction. Much to Orton's surprise, Riddle - with bloodshot eyes - nodded his head and kept walking without giving a verbal response.