Daniel Bryan reveals his favorite WWE match

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Daniel Bryan reveals his favorite WWE match

Among WWE fans there is a lot of curiosity about what Daniel Bryan's future will be. The WWE Universe's most beloved Yes Man has his contract expiring in September but after the defeat against Roman Reigns in the Main Event of the last SmackDown he was banned forever from the blue show.

It will now be necessary to understand if WWE will move the wrestler to one of the other two brands on Raw or NXT or if Daniel Bryan will work in the creative team of the Stamford-based company.

Latest update on Daniel Bryan

Meanwhile, during an interview with Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement microphones, Daniel Bryan talked about the rivalry and probably the match he remembers with greater pleasure during his career.

The wrestler has revealed that he remembers with great pleasure despite the defeat the feud that led to the Wrestlemania 35 match lost to Kofi Kingston. Here are his words: "My favorite WWE match in my career was with Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania 35.

It was a really special and fantastic moment, one of my favorite things about that match is that in the end Kofi wins. In the past it had already happened that after winning a match I felt physically broken with pain in the neck and arm and I had to speak to the media the next day.

After the defeat, however, this is not the case, you can stay at home and that's what happened after the match for Kofi." On the changes for the New Day member the wrestler spoke as follows: "After that match everyone went to Kofi to congratulate him.

There are certainly many more responsibilities. When I fought with Kofi exactly this happened, I remember that he finally had his moment of him and at the end of the match he came to thank me. It was nice that later I could go home with my family and the next day I didn't have any other commitments."

There are many good matches that we remember from Daniel Bryan's career and probably this choice made by The American Dragon is particularly surprising but Bryan also clarified the reasons during the interview. Daniel Bryan was tight-lipped when it came to his WWE contract expiry, but it's believed to be at some point this year.

Bryan believes that being an independent contractor in the wrestling business gives him the right to decide his workload each year. That's something we're sure that if WWE doesn't agree with, another company out there will.