WWE fans have turned the tide of a feud

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WWE fans have turned the tide of a feud

One of the matches that made the fans of the WWE Universe chat the most during the two evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania 37, was the one between the women of the main roster, in which the possibility of becoming n°1 contender for the tag team titles was up for grabs women still held by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

However, during the women's Turmoil match and during the consequent dispute that arose on the second night of Wrestlemania, there was an attitude on the part of the fans that left the executives of the company literally astonished.

During the match dedicated to the female couple titles, especially, the fans began to cheer and praise the name of Tamina, with a moment that has been defined by many as her Wrestlemania Moment of life, which no one expected, including Tamina.

WWE fans have turned the tide of a feud

Apparently, according to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known site Wrestling Observer, through the usual radio show by Dave Meltzer, with his Newsletter, WWE would have literally taken the ball, changing the cards on the table and changing the storyline that involved Natalya and Tamina in the titled round.

As revealed by the "International Meltzerone", in fact: "They have opted for the second match, so this is what we will see in the next pay-per-view. Well, Tamina has been supported at Wrestlemania, which means she's going over, so they'll be bringing it back again.

I mean, the Wrestlemania fans were probably the ones who changed the management's mind." In the next WWE PPV on May 16, we will therefore have to go and see the titled rematch already seen at Wrestlemania between Tamina and Natalya and Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, with the two massive athletes of Smackdown, which should thus go in search of a victory sensational, which would take them to the roof of the company's tag team women's division for the very first time.

If they win, it would obviously be the first tagged reign of their career and many are already hoping for such an ending. Before she was interrupted by the disgruntled Tamina, Natalya made a statement of intent herself. Natalya told hosts Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman that the duo has "proven" they are now in line for another title match: "So, I'm just going to get right to the point," Natalya said.

"I have a lot that I want to get off my chest. We're not only statement-makers, bone-breakers, title-takers, but we have more than proven that we deserve a shot at the [Women's] Tag Team Championships."