New details about throwback episode of SmackDown

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New details about throwback episode of SmackDown

In the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown aired on the FOX networks, on the evening of last Friday, WWE wanted to announce how the next episode of the company's blue show will experience a real blast from the past, complete with an old logo who appeared in the public image of the event, shortly before Daniel Bryan was defeated by the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

At the moment, no type of indication has been released by the company itself to fans of the WWE Universe, who have not the faintest idea what to expect from the next event dedicated to the blue show, on Friday 7 May.

New details about throwback episode of SmackDown

According to the latest rumors from overseas, which emerged on the pages of the well-known site Ringside News, it would seem that even the WWE insiders would know what to expect from the next episode of the blue show, with some athletes and some backstage employees who would have asked for explanations to the management, which, however, would have refused to respond at the moment.

To all those who asked what to expect from the so-called "Throwback SmackDown", the executives would have replied that they will have clarification on this only during this week that is about to open. At the moment everything is still at stake, in fact for now it is not known if there will be personalities from the past who will show up in that of Smackdown or if only today's Superstars will be present.

Even as regards the look of the blue show, more concrete hypotheses would have been made, with the return of the giant fist positioned at the base of the ThunderDome which remains the dream of the fans, for the moment still achievable.

We just have to wait for new rumors from overseas, hoping that the management will be able to come up with something before next Friday, given that lately, in terms of creative ideas, the whole WWE would be limping conspicuously even on-screen.

Right now anything seems to be on the table because we haven’t heard what is going on. They announced a special episode of SmackDown that is supposed to be a throwback in some fashion. It could be an interesting idea, but it is definitely an attempt to snag a larger audience by using nostalgia.

We were told that there were no details about the Throwback SmackDown available at Friday’s tapings. When people asked about specifics, they were told “you’ll be updated this week”.