Santino Marella believes his daughter is ready for WWE

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Santino Marella believes his daughter is ready for WWE

One of the characters from the WWE past that we Italians remember with more affection and nostalgia, is certainly that Santino Marella, of Italian origin, who got on the ring in the only episode of Monday Night Raw broadcast by an Italian live event, in which WWE decided to record his tapings.

On that occasion, Santino even managed to snatch the Intercontinental title from the sides of Umaga, obviously with the fundamental help of Bobby Lashley, who was in a feud with the Samoan at the time. After a few years of career in the WWE rings, Santino would eventually finish his stint with the world's number one wrestling federation, but now a relative of our Santino could soon appear in the McMahon rings: his daughter.

Santino Marella says his daughter is ready for WWE

With a tweet that came a little out of nowhere, Santino Marella, whose real name is Anthony Carelli and who was actually born and raised in Canada, wanted to suggest to the WWE's most famous couple, the one formed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, to sign his daughter Bianca, now ready according to him for the wrestling rings.

"Hi Triple H and Stephanie McMahon do you remember my little daughter Bianca Carelli? Well, she is now a woman and has been trained since day one to be a total Superstar! She will graduate in biology this summer, then she will be ready to shine."

With this breathtaking photo and with this exceptional caption, Santino wanted to sponsor his daughter to the most influential couple in WWE, who maybe now could seize the ball, taking on the girl in the development sector of the federation, to then make her grow and maybe make her truly one of the biggest Superstars of the company.

Certainly, the body and the prowess to tread the WWE rings are not lacking in the beautiful Bianca, it will now be necessary to see if even in the ring she knows how to do it or if she will need much more intense training to be compared to the various Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks and all the other great WWE champions.

If Santino Marella's daughter decides to join WWE, she will get to work with one of the company's legends in Triple H. The Game, who is in charge of NXT, has been credited for the rise of a number of the company's top stars, as well as the women's revolution.

Since he took up his backstage role, Triple H has changed NXT from a reality show to a proper developmental brand of the company. Since then, numerous WWE Superstars have gone through his tutelage and made big names for themselves on the main roster. This includes the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and several others.