Latest news on huge SmackDown storyline

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Latest news on huge SmackDown storyline

In the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Apollo Crews kept his title firmly at their sides, thanks to the invaluable help of his Commander Azeez, who attacked Big E in the pinfall phase, after hitting Apollo with his Big Ending.

Obviously, if Azeez hadn't hit Big E, most likely now we would have a new Intercontinental champion, but thanks to the new and gigantic commander who looks back on Apollo, the Intercontinental champion can sleep peacefully, even if they are already showing up on the horizon.

new unexpected opponents: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Immediately after his defeat arrived for DQ, it was in fact the turn of the two Canadians to get into the ring, who in the end were landed by Azeez, who seems not to want to bring anyone near his Apollo, neither allies nor enemies.

Latest update on a huge SmackDown storyline

As reported by the usual Wrestling Observer, thanks to the words of Dave Meltzer in his daily Newsletter, instead of opting for a Fatal 4 Way for the title, or at least these would not be the plans of the moment, perhaps they will be taken in the future, for the moment the WWE would be considering splitting all the contenders seen in the ring at SmackDown into different teams.

As reported in his newsletter, in fact, through words that emerged from the WWE backstage: "It looks like they're going to team up with Azeez and Sami Zayn against Kevin Owens and Big E, you know that's what they're building."

At the moment, Apollo Crews, therefore, seems to escape from any titled challenge, but these creative choices should be used precisely by Big E to go back to his status, returning to being the main challenger to the secondary title of Smackdown.

In addition to Big E, other important challenges for Apollo also appear to have arrived, with the match most likely coming to Wrestlemania Backlash or the PPV after WWE, which will likely be much more crowded than what Apollo believes and therefore could have.

even the entry of Canadians inside. It was noted that “the finish was to set up a Big E return, that finish wasn’t set up to blow-off Big E”. The IC Title picture is getting even more interesting as the weeks go by Apollo Crews is still holding that title and doesn’t seem to want to let it go at all.

He might end up with a couple of challengers very soon, and he currently has no match booked for WrestleMania Backlash on May 16th.