Former WWE referee takes a shot at The Young Bucks

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Former WWE referee takes a shot at The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks debuted in the world of wrestling in August 2004 and initially worked in several American independent federations. In 2009 they switched to Total Nonstop Action, while in 2013 they signed a contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor, where they won several titles.

In 2019 they were among the founding members of All Elite Wrestling. They are the current holders of the AEW World Tag Team Championship, in their first reign. I n 2019 Nick and Matt together with Cody Rhodes, founded a new federation, the All Elite Wrestling and in May the first event called Double or Nothing was staged where they faced the Lucha Brothers, or Pentagon Jr.

and Rey Fénix. On November 7, 2020 at Full Gear they won the AEW World Tag Team Championship for the first time. Jimmy Korderas has criticized some of the tactics employed by The Young Bucks in AEW, saying they don't fit in with what a heel character should do.

Jimmy Korderas on The Young Bucks

"Look, I like The Young Bucks as heels. I thought they showed a lot of promise in that, the overconfidence, the cocky attitude. Cheating at the end was fine but distracting the referee like that and giving the low blow and just, like, freezing there and holding it and looking at the camera, for like ten seconds? Way too long!

Heels don’t cheat like that! Heels cheat quickly, get it done, get it over with. Other than that, I enjoyed their heel tactics, let’s put it that way," Jimmy Korderas stated. Korderas said while he enjoyed the match, he wished Cage would have appeared a little more tired at the end, given he was facing a high level talent like Hangman: "And in the opening match with (Brian) Cage and Adam Page, I just wish Cage would look like he had been in more of a fight.

Yes, he beat him handily, but he just looked way too fresh at the end." Said Korderas. After defeating the Sydal Brothers this week, The Young Bucks will defend their AEW Tag Team Championships on the May 12th edition of AEW Dynamite.

The Young Bucks' challengers will be determined on next week's AEW: Blood and Guts episode when The Acclaimed, SCU, Varsity Blondes, and Jurassic Express will battle it out in a four-way clash. The Young Bucks have delivered critically-acclaimed performances since embracing their dark side. Their over-the-top shenanigans during matches have entertained fans while also making viewers loathe them.