Randy Orton reflects on a future in Hollywood

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Randy Orton reflects on a future in Hollywood

After signing with the latter in April 2002 Randy Orton became a member of the stable Evolution, which quickly led him to win the Intercontinental Championship; in this period he also acquired the nickname of Legend Killer as he began to disrespect and physically attack some famous wrestlers belonging to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Following the victory of the World Heavyweight Championship he was kicked out of Evolution and started a feud against his former allies; starting from the end of 2007, when he won his first WWE Championship, Orton became The Viper and the following year he created his own stable, the Legacy, together with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, like him sons of famous wrestlers.

In 2009 he won his first Royal Rumble and fought with Triple H in the WrestleMania XXV main event for the world title; following the dissolution of the Legacy in 2010 he rivaled the face of the company John Cena on and off, and was then proposed in these guises as a leading member of the stable The Authority between 2013 and 2015: in this period he fought in the main event of WrestleMania XXX against Batista and Daniel Bryan.

Subsequently, after splitting from the stable, he won the 2017 Royal Rumble and challenged former Wyatt Family leader Bray Wyatt to WrestleMania 33 for the WWE title, after also being his ally and winning a duo title alongside him.

Randy Orton is still going strong at the age of 41, and he doesn't plan on hanging up his boots for the next few years.

Randy Orton is still going strong at the age of 41

"You know, a lot of guys, umm, I see them branching out and do other things or making sure they have something lined up for when they can't wrestle anymore.

I kind of, and I don't know if this is showing my cards or not, but I kind of see myself being in WWE, you know, for life. I don't know why I would go anywhere else. Who knows what the future holds," Randy Orton stated.

While Randy Orton has acted in a handful of films before and continues to get movie scripts, he isn't high on the idea of pursuing acting as a full-time gig. "But although I love movies, and I love sending in auditions, almost monthly.

Hell, I got a script right now I'm looking at. But, I don't think acting is my passion. I'm not trying to move to Hollywood or move to New York and be a full-time actor. The way Batista did it, the way Cena did it, is that they used WWE as kind of a jumping board to go to Hollywood and all that stuff," Orton explained.