Chris Jericho takes a show at WWE's booking

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Chris Jericho takes a show at WWE's booking

During his long WWE adventure, Chris Jericho took part only once in a Hell in a Cell match. This happened on the occasion of the pay-per-view 'Judgment Day' in 2002 when he faced an absolute champion of the caliber of Triple H.

It was The Game that triumphed, closing the match shortly after inflicting a devastating 'Pedigree' on the Canadian from the top of the cage. Beginning in 2009, the Stamford federation began organizing a specific event entitled 'Hell in a Cell' every single year.

In recent seasons, WWE has received a lot of criticism for debasing the importance of such a stipulation, often coupled with the company's inability to devise well-developed storylines before the show. Former WWE legend and current AEW symbol Chris Jericho will star in 'AEW Blood & Guts', which takes place on May 5, 2021, where Y2J and the rest of 'The Inner Circle' will battle it out with The Pinnacle.

Interviewed by 'Busted Open Radio' a few days before the match, Jericho criticized the WWE for not having fully exploited the spectacularity of this gimmick.

Chris Jericho criticizes WWE booking

“I am a great supporter of the fact that the match that is staged in the PPV must be the result of a story, while often one is satisfied with a mere athletic performance.

Look what WWE does: it has created a pay-per-view called Hell in a Cell, the next edition of which will take place next month. Their only goal is to create very small three-week feuds before putting everyone inside the cage.

We will have a tag team match in the cage, a female match in the cage and various other challenges in the same context. In this way, it is as if you are debasing this gimmick. We have acted in a totally different way. The storyline between our two factions began last March and only now is the key moment coming,” Chris Jericho analyzed.

Appearing on Sirius XM's Busted Open, Chris Jericho discussed his promo battles with MJF over the last few weeks and had high praise for his skills on the mic. "MJF is bringing out a different side in me but I think it's working both ways," Jericho said.

"Once again it reminds me a lot of when I was working with the Rock. It was very hard to combat him on the microphone because he was that good but if you could do that, you've struck gold and that's one of the reasons why the segments I've had with The Rock on the stick were always very classic because you had a great babyface and a great heel.

When you have that combination and dynamic, it always ends up being a more riveting magical segment. So it is like that with Max and it is one of the reasons we wanted to work with each other."