Kurt Angle discusses his in-ring future

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Kurt Angle discusses his in-ring future

One of the most charismatic and victorious characters of the last two years of WWE and TNA is undoubtedly the Atlanta '96 Olympic champion, Kurt Angle, known first for winning the gold medal at the Olympics and then for becoming WWF world champion/And then by the then TNA, which has now become Impact Wrestling.

Over the course of his career, Kurt Angle has had the most disparate feuds and racked up the most important titles in the world of pro-wrestling, with several five-star matches that have elevated his career and WWE history, such as the one with Shawn.

Michaels at Wrestlemania 21. Now retired, Kurt Angle continues to work tirelessly for the wrestling world, with WWE and Triple H, who are still trying to bring him back into their organization chart, perhaps as a coach and no longer as a wrestler.

Kurt Angle on his future

In his last speech to the microphones of his Kurt Angle Show, the personal radio show of the multiple world champion, Kurt Angle wanted to say: "Well, considering I'm 52 and Sting is considerably older than me, I'd say I still have a very good chance to fight.

For many reasons I would say we are too old. But we're not too old to fight younger talent, because when you fight with them, with these young guys, they can spice up the match and make things a lot more interesting, you might even have great matches with them.

When you start losing your shots and both of you are old and both of you are losing your shots, it becomes really hard to build something decent in the ring. Undertaker vs Goldberg, both of them were old in age there, but if you throw Goldberg against Brock Lesnar or Undertaker with AJ Styles, or maybe vice versa, you will have a great match instead.

The younger guys keep the match flowing and keep it going. Having two older guys who in theory should retire, but who still can give something, putting them together, will bring out a great match with a lot more effort if they can."

Recently on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle elaborated on why he believes another match with Sting in AEW isn't on the cards for him anymore. It doesn't appear that Sting being in AEW has anything to do with it either.

“Well considering I’m 52 and Sting’s a lot older than I am, I’d say the chances are no, slim to none," Angle said. "For many reasons, we’re too old. We’re not too old to wrestle younger guys, you wrestle a younger guy who can spice up the match and make it a little more interesting, you can have some great matches still.

When you start losing a step and you’re both older and both lost a step, it’s really hard to make that up."