Drew McIntyre talks about his battle against anxiety

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Drew McIntyre talks about his battle against anxiety

One of the persons that managed to pull along with Randy Orton, MVP and a few others the entire WWE bandwagon on the side of Monday Night Raw in the last year, was certainly the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who in this period he held the WWE World Champion title for nearly a full year.

After his sensational victory against Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania 36, ‚Äč‚Äčalso thanks to the victory of the Scotsman in the Royal Rumble of 2020, one of the last events of the WWE broadcast in front of a crowded audience, McIntyre pulled the entire red roster, at least on the side of the babyfaces.

His face was certainly the most used by the WWE throughout 2020, also because the Stamford-based federation has lost several 90 pieces over time, such as Seth Rollins, who was absent for the birth of his daughter but also moved to Smackdown or Brock Lesnar, whose contract expired right after the match against the Scotsman, and several other characters who were eventually downgraded.

Drew McIntyre on his WWE career

Recently interviewed by the microphones of the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, the former WWE world champion wanted to tell the period in which he suffered from anxiety attacks, when he had to go on stage with a change of the last second, making the comparison with today.

Interviewed precisely about these situations, Drew McIntyre wanted to tell: "The more I was able to become myself, the more people began to react to me. In the beginning, I received genuine reactions. The more I became myself in the ring as well, going back to being Drew Galloway, the more people saw who I was.

In the end, I managed to say to myself 'Ok, now I'm more relaxed, I live in the moment' Undertaker once told me 'Stop acting the wrestler and be the wrestler' I finally became one, now I'm living in the moment, I'm living in the present and the fans are giving their answer.

I'm so relaxed about being myself because that's me. There are moments, you know, when everything can change, every little change can reach the last second. Now? It doesn't do anything to me now. One time? I would probably have had a panic attack!

I've seen actors in Hollywood or other shows, having their scripts change from one minute to the next, as they had to go on stage. 'How can they learn such a thing in a second?' I was wondering this and I finally came to the result that you have to go out there and go with the flow and everything will be fine.

Now I'm doing great because I'm myself, just turn up the volume, go out with your head held high and everything will be fine"