Ricochet sends a message to Mustafa Ali

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Ricochet sends a message to Mustafa Ali

Since his debut in the Main Roster, Ricochet has been so talked about for his use that according to many fans he has certainly not been among the best, especially as regards a talent that perhaps could have been better exploited.

In some moments of recent months, among other things, the former NXT was given as a future departing from the federation, looking for fortune in other federations that would welcome him with open arms. However, to the delight of all WWE fans, this has not happened and everyone will still be able to count on his appearances within the Stamford company square, although at the moment they are not particularly abundant.

During his career, Ricochet himself has had various rivalries including the one with Mustafa Ali, with whom he delighted all fans with good matches and spectacular moves that have made the two really famous for their skills in the air.

Ricochet sends a message to Mustafa Ali

Through his Twitter profile, the former US champion, however, put the former Retribution Leader to attention, implying that despite the fact that he has several times knocked him out both in single and with the others of the already disunited Stable and canceled (and that in any case, the high-flying talent within the group would have liked so much), nothing has yet been concluded and he will soon return to the attack for a new fight.

Obviously, an exchange of tweets is not the same as the beginning of a rivalry, but it certainly suggests the will of the two to clash once again in a match that apparently would really enjoy not only the fans inside the stadium and those seated.

on their sofa at home, but also the two athletes who have spent and are spending a very similar career in WWE. And would you guys like to see a new fight between the two? Or do you think their career needs to build something new for their characters? Let us know with a comment, also saying against whom you would like to see the two.

Ali and Ricochet recently squared off once again on the latest episode of Main Event (Also, in other news, Main Event is still a show). The clips shown in Ali's tweet above are from that match which can be seen in its entirety on Hulu.

The two began their rivalry while Ali was the leader of RETRIBUTION. The cruiserweight standout frequently attempted to convince Ricochet to join the group, to no avail. Of course, now that RETRIBUTION is no more, both men have been left with little else to do but face each other again.

Obviously, a Twitter exchange is by no means a concrete indication as to what plans WWE has for either of these men. But at least it shows that these two talented superstars are sticking around for the immediate future.