*Spoiler* Eva Marie made her WWE return

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*Spoiler* Eva Marie made her WWE return

For several months within the WWE, there has been talk of the fact that the former athlete released several years ago, Eva Marie, could return to the McMahon rings, after signing a new agreement with the Stamford-based federation, which provides for her return to the rings that made her famous, especially for her bursting beauty.

Apparently, the fans of the WWE Universe did not have to wait long after the release of these rumors, because after just a few months from the beginning of the online emergence of such news, to give an official update on what the company of Stamford, going to broadcast some videos in the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired tonight.

WWE confirmed Eva Marie's return to the promotion

In these short clips, Eva Marie smiles at the federation cameras and asks the fans if she has their attention now, almost as if to mention the famous CM Punk's Pipebomb, which has become very famous, thanks to the Monday Night Raw television screens.

Already since last December, the well-known website PW Insider reported the fact that the beautiful red-haired girl had just signed a return contract with the McMahon-owned company and now the official news has arrived. The girl should now also appear physically during one of the next episodes of Monday Night Raw, but for the moment, WWE has only helped itself with the video packages of her return.

Immediately after airing these videos, on the flag program on the USA Network televisions, the uproar broke out online, with dozens and dozens of fans who wanted to attack WWE for summarizing once again a girl with enough athletic performance.

poor quality. After the releases of the various Peyton Royce, Mickie James, Billie Kay and many others, fans would have wanted more in-ring quality. On the other hand, the fact of having put a girl back under contract who focused everything on her beauty and very little on in-ring qualities would have sent a big chunk of the public into a rage, which will not fail to make her voice heard even in the next installments of Raw.

James' belongings were sent to her in a trash bag following her release and the incident caused quite a furore on social media. Stephanie McMahon later apologized to James in a tweet, but the latter didn't seem too thrilled.

She stated that WWE sending her belongings in a trash bag was symbolic of how she was treated in the company in the past three years. Eva Marie is all set to make a return to WWE TV and it would be interesting to see how the company presents her in front of fans this time around.