*Spoiler* WWE breaks Mansoor's streak

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*Spoiler* WWE breaks Mansoor's streak

We have talked extensively about it over the last few days, especially in our daily news broadcast on our Twitch channel, OpenWrestlingTV, about the fact that Mansoor, a very famous Arab athlete in the WWE rings, especially since the Stamford-based company was going to hold just the shows in the principality of the Saudi country, had a sensational streak that had been going on for months and months now.

It was from the distant August of 2019, that Mansoor did not lose even a match in the WWE rings, putting together live events, NXT, Main Event episodes and Arabian PPVs. The fighter we saw winning several very important matches in the rings of his native country, such as against Cesaro, had not suffered a defeat for over 49 matches in a row, in a real streak of won contests, which would have made even Undertaker pale.

WWE breaks Mansoor's streak

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, on the usual American TV screens of USA Network, the well-known Arab athlete of the McMahon-based company made his debut on Raw, going to introduce himself to Adam Pearce.

Right in the official's office, Mansoor would have been targeted by the insults of the United States champion, Sheamus, from which a dispute would have arisen later in the evening, with the Irishman who then gave away his belt from the assault of the Arab.

After killing Humberto Carrillo backstage of the federation, Sheamus had to expect the reaction of the Mexican, who arrived on time during his match. When Sheamus seemed to have the contest in hand, with Mansoor about to suffer his Brogue Kick, Carrillo entered the contest, going to attack his opponent and thus triggering the disqualification for Mansoor.

To all intents and purposes, despite not being for his demerits, Mansoor has thus lost his match, given that the score of the contest sees Sheamus being the winner for DQ, with the title that remains close to his sides and with the sensational streak of victories of the Arab wrestler, who remains so stuck at 49 wins, to the unhappiness of his fans.

Sheamus wanted to be a fighting champion, but he took out his challenger, Humberto Carrillo, early this week. After Sheamus beat down Carrillo backstage, he ran into Mansoor after Adam Pearce signed the newcomer to Raw. Mansoor was also working on a winning streak in WWE which is quite impressive. It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his winning streak is in place to make Saudi Arabia happy.