*Spoiler* Another tag team break up on Raw

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*Spoiler* Another tag team break up on Raw

In recent weeks, on the Monday Night Raw TV screens, WWE has continued to present former Hurt Business members, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, as a proper tag team, sending them against several major red show teams, such as for example the returning Viking Raiders.

After closing all the relations with the WWE Champion and his manager, MVP, who seem to have instead made a strange alliance with the former Retribution T-Bar and Mace, with the two who went to attack several occasions both Braun Strowman that Drew McIntyre, even between the two black athletes from Raw, seems no longer good blood.

The latest proof of this comes from tonight's episode of the WWE flag show, broadcast on the USA Network television screens, where after yet another defeat, Cedric Alexander would have taken it out on his partner, going to melt at all effects their coalition.

WWE saw another team break up this week on Raw

After losing yet another contest, this time against the Lucha House Party, a literally enraged Cedric Alexander, would have taken it out on his teammate, Shelton Benjamin, guilty of having lost chances after chances also in this match and therefore bringing Alexander to want to disband their team.

It is not known what the plans of the WWE management will now be towards the two athletes in question, but most likely we could now see a feud between the two, with both athletes of color who, once their on-screen commitments are finished, could to struggle and not a little to continue to have space in front of the cameras of the federation, like many other colleagues, who have been in the same situation for weeks or months.

After the huge stint they had with the Hurt Business, inexplicably destroyed by the will of the WWE, the two Raw athletes go towards a feud that seems to be already written, but which is already leaving WWE Universe fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

like many of the other flagship storylines of the McMahon-owned company, for several months now. We'll see if the two will still be able to carve out a new space, once back in single. This week on Raw, they lost once again.

This time was different. Cedric Alexander grabbed the microphone and shouted at Shelton Benjamin. He was tired of losing and wants to get back to where they were just a few months ago. They were Raw Tag Team Champions as part of the Hurt Business, but that time is over. Cedric called Shelton a weak link and continued cutting a fierce promo on his partner.