Jeff Jarrett on WWE and TNA working together

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Jeff Jarrett on WWE and TNA working together

As wrestling fans will know very well, Jeff Jarrett is the founder of TNA. During a recent appearance on 'INSIGHT' with Chris Van Vliet, the former Intercontinental champion was asked if he had ever contacted WWE boss Vince McMahon to discuss potential collaboration between the two federations.

Like almost all industries, the wrestling business has also had to deal with the dire consequences of the global pandemic. The Stamford-based company was in fact forced to release numerous talents and high-ranking personalities who worked behind the scenes.

Despite the restrictive measures, WWE still managed to carry on its shows, having also hosted a small slice of the public in the latest edition of WrestleMania (which was divided into two evenings).

Jeff Jarrett on Vince McMahon

“In the early days of TNA I had several conversations with Vince McMahon about the possibility of working together.

We are businessmen," said Jeff Jarrett. The latter praised Vince McMahon for recognizing that the welfare of rival promotions is essential for the wrestling industry to continue to thrive. “We tested the waters to see how we could try to interact.

The main topic of our dialogues has always been that. In the end, nothing was done, but I liked the spirit in which Vince dealt with the situation. He himself knows that the industry must be healthy for it to thrive, it cannot be the WWE alone, "he added.

Jeff Jarrett also talked about his experience working with Sting at TNA: “He was part of TNA in the very first few years. When we entered him full-time, we evaluated different scenarios that involved him. After much study, we came to the conclusion that a match between me and him would be the best for the people.

Sting was in a moment of exceptional form, in fact the course of the match was on the verge of perfection. He put his heart and head into it, digging really deep to find all the necessary energy." Contrary to rumors, Jarrett shut down the notion he could ever have refused to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna on his last night with the company.

Jarrett said: "Well, for one, he already paid me!.. Like any promoter, he had to have a little faith in me, first and foremost," Jarrett said. "And, at the end of the day, he’s been around a lot longer than I have, so what if it didn’t go down? You’ve always got tomorrow's RAW to re-write it."