Jeff Jarrett pays tribute to Vince McMahon

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Jeff Jarrett pays tribute to Vince McMahon

Love it or hate it, it can never be denied that Vince McMahon has played a huge role in the development of sports entertainment even outside the US. The WWE boss has often been the subject of criticism from his former athletes, which has not been answered in most cases, due to his very few public appearances and even more sporadic interviews.

In the course of a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet for 'INSIGHT', former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett has finally expressed himself on the rumors of his possible disagreement with Vince back in 1999.

According to rumours, Jeff was forced to hand over his title in Chyna's hands to 'No Mercy' after announcing his intention to leave the Stamford-based federation at the end of his contract.

Jarrett on his relationship with Vince McMahon

"Everything that was said at the time was false.

Vince McMahon paid me everything he owed me on the night of the match with Chyna. I behaved like a professional, I gave my best in the ring every night I played in WWE. And I did it that night too. The plot that was built was simply wonderful.

I remember we hugged that night when I left the arena. We did not bury the hatchet, simply because there was no quarrel between us"- said Jeff Jarrett, who later became the founder of TNA. The latter was also inducted into the Hall of Fame: "His decision to let me join the HOF was not as obvious as many think, in fact I would say quite the opposite.

I will always be very grateful to him for this gesture. I had become the founder of a rival company, so the televisions weren't entirely happy that I was in the HOF. I really have a lot of respect for Vince, not just for everything he has done for this business.

His human values ​​are not common today." During their conversation about Vince McMahon, Van Vliet specifically referenced footage of Jarrett becoming quite emotional while talking about his former employer. "Again, just so you know, that video that you’re referring too, that crew showed up at 06:10, 06:20 in the morning and I wasn’t prepared for that… but I’ve got so much respect for Vince… and everything that I’d been through leading up to that point.

It was an incredibly humbling moment," Jarrett said. Jeff Jarrett is set to star in his own podcast, My World with Jeff Jarrett, soon to be released on Westwood One and earlier for subscribers at