*Spoiler* AJ Styles and Omos def. The New Day

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*Spoiler* AJ Styles and Omos def. The New Day

The episode begins with a video that took place just before the red show, with BRAUN STROWMAN and DREW MCINTYRE who, using the coin, must determine who will face WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY tonight ... AND THE GIANT WON THE DRAW!

The episode (for real) begins with the entry of COUPLE CHAMPIONS AJ STYLES & OMOS! The Phenomenal reminds everyone how in five years he became Grand Slam Champion and claims to have dominated the New Day in WrestleMania 37… BUT THE NEW DAY IS COMING !!!

Kofi and Xavier make fun of AJ by reiterating that they always show up both after a win and after a defeat. Shortly after, little Omos takes the floor and promises that the cute duo will suffer a lot of blows soon! RAW Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles (c) & Omos (c) Vs New Day Just like at the Showcase Of Immortals, Kingston and Woods take it out on Styles to prevent him from tagging Omos.

But the Phenomenal resists and gives the change to his friend, who performs two back breaks and hits Kofi with a nice DOUBLE CHOKESLAM… PHENOMENAL FOREARM FROM THE THIRD STRING OF STYLES ON WOODS !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!!

AJ AND OMOS REMAIN COUPLE CHAMPIONS !!! The Apocalypse is near ... EVA MARIE is about to return! I don't think there is anything else to add ... Backstage we see CHARLOTTE FLAIR confabulating with SONYA DEVILLE, while ADAM PEARCE seems not to be happy with the management of the former Absolution.

Also backstage we see MVP and WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY, with the former reiterating how Strowman will lose tonight, while the All Mighty claims he is able to stop both Braun and Drew because he is indestructible! We move to a corner of the backstage and see ELIAS & JAXSON RYKER throwing tomatoes at NEW DAY (it's not a joke) ...

but RANDY ORTON is also targeted and ... let's just say he doesn't take it very well.

AJ Styles and Omos def. The New Day

Omos got back in the match and took out both members of the New Day with strikes before hitting a modified chokeslam on Kofi.

Xavier hit him with a kick, but was knocked down before AJ Styles tagged in and hit the Phenomenal Forearm from the top of Omos to get the big win! Dana Brooke w Mandy Rose Vs Charlotte Flair Dana touches the victory after a nice Swanton from the third-string and tries a running attack ...

BUT CHARLOTTE BLOCKS IT AT THE LEG AND ... FIGURE 8 ... AND DANA IS FORCED TO RENDER !!! The Queen continues with the grip on Dana's leg, but is stopped by Mandy! Soon after, SONYA DEVILLE arrives and claims she has an interesting proposal; however, Flair reiterates that she would like to enter Backlash's titled match because she would raise the bar of the whole battle; Sonya accepts Flair's proposal… BUT RAW CHAMPION RHEA RIPLEY ARRIVES!

The Australian expresses all her disagreement with the decision just taken by Deville ... BUT ASUKA IS COMING TOO !!! The empress of tomorrow (in her own way) promises that she will defeat both of them ... AND THE FIGHTING STARTS !!!

The oriental athlete stays last in the square !!! Backstage we find HUMBERTO CARRILLO who states what it means to be bullied by someone bigger than him ... BUT IS ATTACKED BY THE CHAMPION US SHEAMUS, who smashes him against every single object of the backstage!