*Spoiler* Amazing match between Damien Priest and John Morrison

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*Spoiler* Amazing match between Damien Priest and John Morrison

The second part of RAW opens with THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON in the ring; Mizanin who remembers the events of seven days ago where they suffered an attack of tomatoes (now in WWE it has become a fashion) by the good Priest; Plus, the Awesome promises they'll teach Damien what respect is!

Damien Priest Vs John Morrison w The Miz Morrison and Priest find themselves on the third string, with John making a nice Spanish Fly from the third-string team, while Mizanin accidentally distracts the referee. This action allows Damien to recover and… HIT THE LIGHTS TO SIGN !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! DAMIEN TRIUMPHS!!! Backstage we see SHANE MCMAHON, resurrected after the events of WrestleMania, welcoming the newcomer… MANSOOR (the master of Arab PPVs)! However, this rite of entry is interrupted by the US SHEAMUS CHAMPION, who openly challenges the oriental athlete, with the latter accepting without thinking about it too much!

We find again MVP who, for the second time (maybe third) reiterates that Strowman will lose! -Lucha House Party Vs Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin Despite Shelton's excellent attack, the two masked athletes take over and Dorado manages to knock Alexander out of action, while Metalik is on the third string ...

ROADBLOCK ELBOW ON BENJAMIN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! In the post-match, Alexander vents against Benjamin and states that it is poor Shelton's fault if he found himself being a jobber (he didn't really say that but that was the point)!

Backstage we see SHELTON BENJAMIN replying badly and promises war against her ex-partner.

Damien Priest def. John Morrison

Damien Priest sent John Morrison outside before we headed for a break on RAW. Back in the ring, Damian Priest hit the Reverse Atomic Drop on Morrison before taking a disaster kick and a high rolling kick.

Priest fought back and hit a lariat for a near-fall. Drew Gulak Vs Angel Garza The match is nice, even if it doesn't last long because the Mexican performs a good combo of hits and, after a nice Big Boot, hits his rival with the WING CLAPPER, winning the victory !!!

Shortly after the end of the challenge, Garza gives a rose to Gulak and sends him out of the ring in a bad way! Backstage we see RIDDLE & RANDY ORTON talking to each other, with the Viper who wants another victory after the one seven days ago!

RKBro Vs Elias & Jakson Ryker Elias starts well and hits Riddle with a terrible knee! The meeting changes with the entry of Orton, who throws the Drifter on the commentators' table with the Back Suplex and, after the Silver Spoon DDT, decides to replace Riddle ...

FLOATING BRO A SIGN ... RKO OF RANDY ON RYKER !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!!