*Spoiler* Jinder Mahal returns to WWE

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*Spoiler* Jinder Mahal returns to WWE

After seeing his return to the WWE rings in the WWE Superstar Spectacle special show, broadcast by the federation almost exclusively for the Indian market, Jinder Mahal would return to the McMahon-owned wrestling rings after months of inactivity.

The arrival in the American rings of the former WWE Champion, who had a big feud with Randy Orton and then also with AJ Styles in 2017, the previous holder of the title and successor of the Indian, arrived in front of the cameras of the Main Event, broadcast McMahon's secondary, which is recorded every week before Monday Night Raw.

Jinder Mahal suffered a knee injury

After seeing him again alongside the Bollywood Boyz in the show dedicated to his country of origin, it seems that now the former WWE Champion has changed his plans, presenting himself alongside a new tag team, which in Superstar Spectacle was instead opposed to Jinder Mahal: the Indus Sher.

In the match that saw Jinder Mahal return to fight after a long time against Jeff Hardy, the Canadian of Indian origins had the couple who performed for a long time at NXT by his side all the time, only to disappear in the nothing, namely that formed by Saurav Gujar and Rinku Singh.

After returning after months of absence, Jinder Mahal went on to win his contest against the youngest of the Hardy brothers and at the end of the match he also celebrated with what seems to be his new on-screen stable, which maybe could appear at short even on the most important rings of Monday Night Raw or those of Friday Night Smackdown.

It is not a new thing, in fact, what sees the WWE going to "test" some feuds, some storylines or some stable, first in much more "small" and circumscribed environments, and then widen the visibility to the general public.

We will see in the coming weeks if the three athletes of Indian descent will appear again on the main roster or if they will once again return to the oblivion of the WWE. Jinder Mahal may not be the most popular character among the WWE Universe, but his return will bolster main roster.

In addition to his return, Mahal may be joined by both Indus Sher and Dilsher Shanky, the beginnings of a new faction. WWE has very few factions right now, with the two prominent ones being The Hurt Business and Roman Reigns' unnamed group.

It would be interesting to see Jinder Mahal be thrown into a storyline with either of these factions. Some fans would even like to see Jinder Mahal clash one-on-one with his good friend Drew McIntyre.