New details on Tessa Blanchard's future

The rumors of Tessa Blanchard's upcoming debut for either WWE or AEW have seemingly been greatly exaggerated

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Tessa Blanchard's future

In recent weeks there has been nothing but incessant talk of Tessa Blanchard, former world heavyweight champion of Impact Wrestling, who has been a real free agent for several months now, having terminated her agreement with the third company of America.

Initially, it looked like Tessa might get straight to the WWE rings, with Tripe H himself opening up to this hypothesis in one of his interviews. Even the mysterious NXT diamond skit had led fans to imagine her making her debut in the yellow show rings just last week, but then rumors about her approaching the AEW rings had blown it all.

. In recent days, in fact, several important rumors would have dangerously approached Tessa to the company of the Khan family, with the signing that now seemed to be only a formality.

Latest update on Tessa Blanchard

Apparently, according to what has been revealed by multiple sources in the last few hours, both the company of the McMahons and that of the Khans have refused to sign the girl, because at the moment it is not for them.

According to the well-known journalists of the famous Fightful Select podcast, in fact: "An inside WWE source, when asked, told us that fans shouldn't wait for Tessa Blanchard's arrival to do something on their screens, even if the clue could be there because sometimes misunderstandings happen.

The diamonds used by WWE could lead fans to that solution, but that is not the case." At the moment it is not known where WWE will go with these skits, but according to Fightful reporters, 100% will not lead to Tessa Blanchard.

As for the AEW side, Dave Meltzer categorically refuted the negotiation between Tessa and the leadership of the Khans, saying in the last episode of his Newsletter: "I must also mention that AEW has confirmed to me that they are not negotiating with Tessa Blanchard.

I know people keep asking me, but the reality is this, so get over it." At the moment, even the number two company in America seems not to be interested in signing Tully Blanchard's daughter, but never. say never, especially with two of the largest and most important companies in the world.

Whatever the Diamond Mine is, it's currently being held close to the vest within WWE. The only thing known for sure is that Blanchard isn't involved. Rumors are certain to persist throughout the year regarding Blanchard's status. However, at this time, she's not coming to WWE or AEW anytime soon.

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