WWE wants to re-sign Daniel Bryan

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WWE wants to re-sign Daniel Bryan

In the last few days and especially in the last hours, there has been a lot of talk about Daniel Bryan and his future, with the defeat suffered at the hands of Roman Reigns in the last episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, who literally wrote the end on the career of the ex-WWE Champion in the rings of the blue show.

The special stipulation present in the closing match of SmackDown was in fact the one that saw Daniel Bryan being literally banned from the blue show of the company, in case of defeat and unfortunately for him, Roman Reigns obviously did not have the slightest penalty, going not only to make him yield with his final guillotine but continuing to hit him even when the contest is over.

Latest update on Daniel Bryan

According to what we at WorldWrestling reported only a few hours ago, Daniel Bryan's contract seems to have really ended, with the profile of the athlete, in fact, having been moved by the WWE, from the Smackdown roster page to that of the Alumni page where all those wrestlers who have not fought for WWE for some time, being no longer under contract, find a mention.

As reported by Dave Meltzer, in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan's contract is said to have really have expired with his last Smackdown match and the WWE management would be trying in every way to negotiate a new deal with the former all-time champion of the company.

As also confirmed by the pages of F4WOnline, Bryan's contract would have ended on an unspecified day of last week (it is rumored just Friday) and at the moment, the WWE and the McMahons in particular, would be pushing as much as possible, to immediately put back.

under contract the athlete, also accomplices the ghosts of the AEW and the independent world behind the farewell of Bryan. As reported literally on the pages of the well-known site, in fact: "Dave Meltzer confirmed that Bryan's contract expired last Friday and WWE is pushing hard to get him to sign a new deal."

Given that the Aberdeen multi-champion wants to spend as much time at home with his family as possible, it seems very unlikely that he will sign a multi-year full-timer deal with any company outside WWE. The most accredited hypothesis at the moment is that Bryan will return to sign an agreement with the McMahons, obviously with a decidedly reduced agenda compared to the latest agreements found with the company.