Kalisto could debut in the boxing world

Kalisto was included in the recent wave of ten WWE releases

by Simone Brugnoli
Kalisto could debut in the boxing world

On the day of last April 15, the WWE has now gone as its custom of every year, to fire several of its unused athletes, coming to do without talents such as Mickie James, Samoa Joe, the IIconics, Bo Dallas and several others.

Kalisto, a former member of the all-South American stable of the Lucha House Party, was also included in the count of the athletes who failed from the rosters of the Stamford-based federation. After receiving several times the request to be launched in single, the WWE would not only have refused the requests of the athlete, who until the end remained at the side of his teammates, but also would have released the athlete of Mexican origin, as there were no more plans for him in the company now.

Backstage news on Kalisto

In one of his latest tweets, the former member of the Lucha House Party, suggested to his fans how he could soon make his debut in the ring of the Triller Fight Club, a company that deals with boxing and other types of physical challenges that are proposed on -screen and that has been advertised in recent weeks, even by Ric Flair.

With a very short video that leaves little to the imagination, however, the master of Salida Del Sol, who will now surely return to his name Samurai Del Sol, after leaving the WWE scene, wanted to show some brief images of a possible landing.

in the boxing ring, with a bell that would leave little room for other hypotheses and ideas about his future. In the company, which has already had its match that blew up the box office, with Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, the former Kalisto could soon appear as well, given that the boxing federation executives have courted Joey several times.

Janela, however in vain, to make him do a match against Dylan Bostic. Apparently the AEW athlete wasn't interested in it, but maybe Kalisto is now. We will see what happens with the former WWE wrestler once he can return to a ring and above all what kind of role he will have in the Triller Fight Club rings, if he really wears boxing gloves or anything else.

Kalisto revealed that he had suffered a partial ligament tear as well as an Aj joint separation in his shoulder, which thankfully didn't require a surgery to fix. The Lucha House Party, represented by Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, have continued to appear on SmackDown despite Kalisto's absence.

Kalisto's WWE future was a matter of constant speculation not too long ago as his WWE contract was coming to an end and he was set to be a free agent in 2020.