WWE superstars react to the possibility of touring again

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WWE superstars react to the possibility of touring again

One of the most discussed topics of recent weeks within the Stamford federation, the WWE, is certainly the return to live events, with fans of the WWE Universe who have not in fact been seen in a weekly episode of the company for over a year.

The last appearance made by the public in a show of the McMahon-owned federation is obviously the one seen in both evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania 37, where after an abundant year, fans have returned to surround the ring, obviously with the necessary safety measures.

anti-contagion. As confirmed by Stephanie McMahon and WWE vice-president Nick Khan, the federation should soon open its doors once again to fans, thus also starting to travel around the United States with live events.

WWE plans to get back on the road as soon as they possibly can

Many, among the insiders and among the fans of the Stamford-based company, have been wondering for weeks and months, if the WWE, once back on the road, will start staging hundreds and hundreds of shows every year, just like the backbreaking agenda of the federation saw it go on stage until the beginning of 2020.

With the outbreak of the world pandemic, in fact, WWE had to immediately cancel all live events not filmed by the cameras and had to close the doors to all weekly TV shows and PPVs. To give a signal on how the federation could return to the scene with its weekly agenda, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer radio Show declared: "The last time I asked, and it wasn't that long ago, I was told by the guys that they would never go back to the agenda they had before, although apparently, that's just what they might go back to instead.

Going on the road every week, every weekend, with a couple of shows every weekend, doesn't seem to be the same grueling routine as before, for the moment, but it's still just a start." After Adam Pearce's promotion to director of live events, it seems therefore to begin to outline the strategy that WWE will follow in the coming months to return to showing its shows in front of a real audience, not only in front of the ThunderDome panels.

We will see if the WWE will gradually return to being exactly the same as before, with over 200 shows running every year or if the pandemic will have left its aftermath also in the future of the federation and its fans.