Daniel Bryan knew that he wasn’t signing a new deal before...

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Daniel Bryan knew that he wasn’t signing a new deal before...
Daniel Bryan knew that he wasn’t signing a new deal before...

The most sensational news that has caused a sensation during the last week, obviously arising after the defeat suffered at the hands of the Universal Champion of Smackdown, Roman Reigns, is that which saw Daniel Bryan literally leave WWE for the expiration of his contract.

According to some rumors of the last few days, in fact, Daniel Bryan's contract is said to have ended on Friday night, when the WWE staged what at the moment seems to be his last match in the ring of the blue show and probably of the whole company.

Backstage news on Daniel Bryan's future

Through the words of the ever-present Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, we get to know some curiosities about the last on-screen and off-screen period of the former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

The well-known journalist also went on to reveal the exact expiration of the contract of the leader of the Yes Movement. To the microphones of his radio broadcast, Meltzer said: "Bryan's contract expired exactly at the stroke of midnight on Friday.

I had guessed something already from Saturday, because I asked the insiders where he would go after that, if NXT or Raw and several of them answered me in a very strange way. In fact, some people replied that maybe he wouldn't be back and from there I realized that his contract would end shortly thereafter, even if I didn't know it had already expired.

Everyone was talking about September, but he himself had already denied this date in a recent interview. I think they already knew everything and everyone on the eve of Wrestlemania, that's why all those promos in which he said 'this could be my last Wrestlemania', it's because his contract was expiring and he already knew that he would not renew for the moment.

He is now a free agent, he could go wherever he wants, starting tomorrow. Nobody knows what he has in mind now and if anyone tells you anything about it, he will surely be lying. He alone knows what he will want to do, as long as he has already decided and I'm sure his wife knows for sure too." Daniel Bryan's recent run has had its share of ups and downs.

While it started on a fiery note following his return in 2018, the hype around the former WWE Champion slowly fizzled out. His feud against arch-nemesis The Miz failed to live up to fan expectations. But Daniel Bryan managed to rise from the ashes with a well-timed heel turn. During his WWE Championship match with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan cheated to win, turning heel in the process.

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