Kurt Angle shares his thoughts on The Great Khali


Kurt Angle shares his thoughts on The Great Khali

The Great Khali recently entered the Hall of Fame, a decision by the WWE that was met with a high dose of skepticism from fans and insiders. The Indian giant, who has had a decent career in the Stamford-based federation, continues to be heavily involved in professional wrestling, helping the new generation of Indian talent, who may one day become his heirs in WWE.

During the latest edition of his show on 'AdFreeShows.com', former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle described his relationship with Khali, also explaining the reason that led Vince McMahon's company to invest heavily on him.

Angle called The Great Khali a gentle giant and explained the reason behind WWE pushing him. “I didn't know him very well, I have to be honest. We didn't talk often, also because he was quite a quiet type. He was a very impressive man, but at the same time kind.

I would call him a gentle giant. He only had good manners and was quite nice when he was open to others. If I have to express my opinion, I believe that WWE has invested in him to strengthen the collaboration with the Indian market.

They were trying to make India an h*t market for wrestling, which had already happened before The Great Khali. However, having an Indian in WWE was a brilliant idea, which is why he has been so successful in WWE," Kurt Angle added.

Kurt Angle opens up on The Great Khali

In the eyes of WWE leaders, The Great Khali has done enough to earn a spot in the HOF, having held the heavyweight title and helping to increase wrestling's popularity in his India.

Drew McIntyre is of the same opinion: “We are talking about a hero for so many kids in the country as he is. He deserves credit for contributing to the spread of our discipline in India, he was fantastic. We spent a lot of time together outside the ring and I can confirm that he is a great guy,” Kurt Angle said.

In the eyes of WWE officials, The Great Khali did enough to warrant a Hall of Fame induction as the former world heavyweight champion helped increase pro wrestling's reach in India. The Great Khali continues to be actively involved in professional wrestling as he grooms the next generation of Indian talent at his school, Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE).

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