Kurt Angle recalls the real backstage fight between Batista and Booker T

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Kurt Angle recalls the real backstage fight between Batista and Booker T
Kurt Angle recalls the real backstage fight between Batista and Booker T

Much has already been said over the years about the incident that saw Booker T and Batista as protagonists in the WWE backstage in 2006. In the latest edition of his program aired on 'AdFreeShows.com', the former medal Olympic gold Kurt Angle retraced the vicissitudes that led to the physical clash between these two legends at the end of an episode of SmackDown.

Although he was not present in the locker room at the exact moment of the altercation, Angle was told all the details of what had happened in the moments preceding the crime. Kurt explained that 'The Animal' intended to work with several stars on the blue roster at that historic juncture, but the injury list prevented him from fulfilling his wish.

Kurt Angle on Booker T and Batista

“I only got there after my fight was over, but I was told in detail what had happened. Batista had come to SmackDown to shoot a commercial with other superstars. I think it was related to SummerSlam, but I'm not sure.

Answering someone's question, Batista let slip the phrase: 'When I come to SmackDown, there is never anyone to work with' Booker T did not take it well and replied that there were many athletes with whom he could compare. I think Batista was referring to the fact that there had been a lot of injuries and the roster lacked numerous talents.

He had no intention of offending the boys who played in the blue show”- explained Kurt Angle. “I don't think Batista had anything personal against Booker T or anyone else on SmackDown. Booker T misunderstood the concept and they fought hard.

Unfortunately, they ended up fighting. I arrived there a few minutes later. Booker T had a black eye, while Batista was a little shaken. I immediately thought there was a big misunderstanding. It was not supposed to happen, but in the end, they apologized to each other and went on without problems" - he added.

"Yeah, that was definitely him lashing out because Booker is the most supportive guy in the locker room. He gives advice. He has incredible ideas for different wrestlers. He is in tune with the company, and he is a great employee," Kurt Angle added.

As far as real backstage fights go, Batista and Booker T had just one of many high-profile backstage clashes in the WWE, but what about the lesser-known altercations? Angle said that Booker T always helped other wrestlers and came up with creative ideas to improve storylines and matches.

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