A show about Vince McMahon is coming

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A show about Vince McMahon is coming

In the last 50 years, we have witnessed (or whoever for us) the birth and rapid growth of WWE, which from a simple territorial company has gone on to be the undisputed number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, shaping the very concept of this sport in the ways in which we know and appreciate it today.

The idea of ​​this "empire" belongs to Vince K. McMahon Sr., then continued by his son Vince McMahon, the current Chairman and owner of WWE, the one we still occasionally see on our television screens today. Apparently, the Filmmakers Studio is currently working on a show dedicated to the life and career of Vince McMahon.

The project will take the name "No Chance: The Vince McMahon Story and The Rise of the New Wrestling World Order" and will have Joseph Krueger as director. At the moment, the only role looking for an interpreter is that of the host, so from this one can imagine how the program will not be a real documentary but a television adaptation in which we will talk, in retrospect, about how Vince McMahon has able to change the fate of wrestling forever.

The same company spoke of the project as belonging to a genre defined as "review retrospective"

A show about Vince McMahon is coming

The official synopsis suggests that the show will start from the story of the territorial system of the wrestling world, characteristic of the 50s - 70s, and then discuss the great idea of the McMahon family to unite the various federations scattered in the United States and the war with other promotions such as AWA, Jim Crocket Promotions, WCCW Mid-South and others.

Next, we will talk about WWE's rise in popularity during the 1980s, landing on cable TV, and creating global phenomena like WrestleMania. Recall that for years there has also been talk of a biopic focused on Vince McMahon and, more recently, of a serial documentary, again on the WWE Chairman, produced by Netflix.

Vince McMahon continues to be the unchallenged shot-caller in WWE at 75 years old, and it's a known fact that talents need to impress the boss to succeed in the company. While a handful of wrestlers have forged excellent relationships with Vince McMahon over the years, some superstars have had their fair share of problems with the WWE Chairman.

During the latest edition of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on AdFreeShows.com, Kurt Angle spoke about his dwindling relationship with Vince McMahon in 2006 and how he ultimately left WWE that year.