WWE legend discusses Randy Orton's early career

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WWE legend discusses Randy Orton's early career

Randy Orton is experiencing a second youth in WWE, right at the juncture when the entire business has had to deal with the global pandemic. Although he has managed to continue their shows, the Stamford-based federation has also suffered from the harsh consequences of the Coronavirus, not being able to host fans in the arenas for over a year.

Only WrestleMania 37, which took place over two evenings, was a small audience allowed to attend the most anticipated event on the calendar. Unlike what many imagine, the Viper had difficulty settling in at the beginning of her career.

In the latest edition of the show hosted by Conrad Thompson, former world champion Kurt Angle recalled how very immature Orton was in the early years, so much so that WWE imposed a suspension for 'unprofessional conduct' in 2006.

Kurt Angle takes a shot at Randy Orton

“Randy Orton was around 21 when he started making his way into this business, he was just a kid who needed to mature. He had to make mistakes to correct the course and this process made him better both as a superstar and as a human being.

Obviously he is very different now, his character has undergone a noticeable change. Now he is kinder, while when he was young he was a little more selfish, everything was focused on him, perhaps also because of his immaturity.

He needed experiences to become a better person. It is enough to hear him speak of him at this moment in his life to realize that we are talking about a completely different man”- analyzed Kurt Angle, who has always had an excellent relationship with the Legend Killer.

“We are still good friends today. We traveled together from time to time. When Randy started wrestling, we went on a few trips together and had a chance to exchange our opinions. He was one of my best friends in that particular period, especially in 2006," the former Olympic gold medalist commented.

A lot has already been said over the years about the incident between Booker T and Batista. Kurt Angle arrived backstage after the fight, but he got all the details of what went down that day. "I was there after the fight ended, but I heard what occurred.

Batista got there for a commercial shoot. We were all doing a commercial. I think it was for SummerSlam, and someone approached him and Batista said, 'When are you coming over to SmackDown because I have nobody to work with,' and Booker took that as, 'Wait a minute, I'm on SmackDown, there are a lot of people to work with.'

I think Batista was just saying because there were a lot of injuries going on, it was getting a little bare at the top, and he was just trying to tell the person I'd love for you to come over and work a program with you," Kurt Angle said.