Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns Changing His Entrance Theme

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Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns Changing His Entrance Theme
Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns Changing His Entrance Theme

Paul Heyman is currently managing WWE star Roman Reigns, and he recently spoke about Roman changing his entrance theme. Roman for a long time used the theme that The Shield used when they used to come out to wrestle. Roman Reigns returned to WWE in August last year.

He was a babyface wrestler after The Shield broke up. However, since his return, he has changed his character. He has also changed his wrestling attire and his way of cutting promos.

Paul Heyman Talks About Roman Reign's New Entrance Music

Paul Heyman recently spoke about Roman on The Complex.

He stated Roman changed his theme to completely cut himself from The Shield and leave any remnants he may have behind. “It was the final step away from The Shield. That’s what it was,” Heyman said. “One of the things that Roman Reigns and I spoke about, with all final decisions being Roman Reigns’.

I am Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief, and that’s not just a public persona on television. Behind the scenes, I’m Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief. And one of the many things that we were both desirous of, A.

Change the mannerisms. B. Change the presentation. C. Change the hairstyle. D. Change the look. “He took off the vest, and rightfully so. He changed the music. It was time to change the music. That was The Shield’s theme. Now it’s evolved.

Now it’s Roman Reigns’ theme. Now it has nothing to do with The Shield or the members of The Shield. It has evolved. It’s better. We’re not resting on what it was. We are invoking the future. We’re not reminding you of the past.

With respect to the past, we’re bringing it forward”. According to Paul, Roman has to invent himself and develop his own swagger. Paul Heyman said, “…When it’s the debut of his new music, and there is a certain swagger that Roman Reigns has walked out to the ring, isn’t it incumbent upon all those around him to be in step with that persona so that we are presenting a united front so that I am simply an extension of the swagger with which Roman Reigns approaches the squared circle.

In other weeks, I am the side salad. This one [time], we had to be in lockstep. I was an extension of Roman Reigns. The swagger was united because this was the first time you were hearing the music. There was no contrast. We were together.

We were in unison. If you watched, it wasn’t just the swagger. My shoulders swayed as his shoulders swayed. My left foot went with his left foot. My right foot went with his right foot. We were in lockstep because that was what the new theme required in order to convey to the audience the enormity of this moment”.

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