Kurt Angle on Speaks About The Wrestling Bump He Is Afraid Off

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Kurt Angle on Speaks About The Wrestling Bump He Is Afraid Off
Kurt Angle on Speaks About The Wrestling Bump He Is Afraid Off

Kurt Angle is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about a basic wrestling bump that he is afraid of taking. Kurt Angle has taken some huge bumps over the past and it may surprise many fans that Angle is actually afraid of taking a very simple bump.

On The Kurt Angle Show, he spoke about being afraid to take a backwards bump over the ropes. That is quite shocking as Kurt Angle has done numerous moonsaults from the top of steel cages during his career. They are far worse than backward bumps over the top rope.

He performed the moonsault during matches against Chris Beniot, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson. Angle has also taken other hard bumps that looks extremely painful.

Kurt Angle on Being Afraid to Take a Very Basic Wrestling Bump

“No, I’m a wuss,” Angle said.

“I’m afraid to go backward over top of the rope. I always have to turn my head over. I was always scared of doing it, I never really learned how. Going over the top rope isn’t high enough to go backward, I know I’m going to do a full flip off a cage”.

Even though Kurt Angle has fought some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, there are certain wrestlers that he hasn’t faced during his career. Some wrestlers retired and others joined WCW during his prime years. There are many other wrestlers that were not in WWE.

In fact, even Kurt Angle had a big run in Impact Wrestling where he faced some wrestlers that he would not have faced if he continued working for WWE. According to Angle, he wanted to have a 60 minute Iron Man match with Bret Hart.

Many professional wrestlers still consider Bret Hart to be the greatest wrestler of all time and many still consider it an honor to be with him in the ring for one match. Bret Hart is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time.

“Bret Hart without a doubt,” Angle said. “I would love to go one go with Bret Hart. It would have to be a 60 minute Iron Man Match, the longer the better. I want it with Bret, book it”. Kurt Angle is also one of the greatest technical wrestlers that have ever worked in WWE.

He won numerous prestigious titles while working for WWE. He spent most of his career as a heel wrestler and he is still one of the most well-known wrestlers of all time, despite retiring nearly 2 years ago.

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