Drew McIntyre Talks About WrestleMania 37 Weather Delay

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Drew McIntyre Talks About WrestleMania 37 Weather Delay
Drew McIntyre Talks About WrestleMania 37 Weather Delay (Provided by Wrestling World)

Drew McIntyre is a former WWE Champion and he recently spoke about the big WrestleMania 37 delay caused due to the weather. Drew finds the whole situation extremely weird, as last year he wrestled and won the WWE Title in an empty arena.

Last year’s WrestleMania was one of the WrestleManias that WWE had to do during the pandemic era. Drew fought Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 37 this year for the WWE Title, however, he failed to win the WWE title.

Drew McIntyre Speaks About Bad Weather Delaying WrestleMania 37

“It was pretty unbelievable.

That whole day in general,” McIntyre said. “It’s like ‘okay, we’re doing this. This is great.’ And then seeing the weather happen. I remember there was a particular moment I was walking past the arena, the fans have to get evacuated.

And I’m looking out, it’s pouring down and I was like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’ Someone stuck a mic in my face and was like ‘how do you feel?’ and I was like ‘I feel this has something to do with me fighting for the title!

Last year it was fighting for a title in a world wide pandemic, this year we’re going to get rained out.’ “Eventually we get on stage and obviously I was supposed to be at the front of the stage. Somebody had taken my spot and I was like ‘perfect.’ Because I was trying not to look at the crowd.

I didn’t want to get that proper feeling from the crowd, I didn’t want to feel it till my entrance, which I knew was first. So I tried to blend in as best I could. So I was out there, we did the intro and as soon as we were clear I was the first one in the back.

Everyone’s passing me and I’m hearing we may have to get delayed! So the rage is starting to come over me. Everyone’s passing me saying ‘get ’em big man! Start us off!’. And there’s this rage in my face because they don’t know we’re going to be delayed”.

Drew McIntyre is still considered to be one of WWE’s top stars. He rose to popularity after his run at Impact Wrestling. His first run with WWE wasn’t that good. During his second WWE run, WWE used him a lot and quite regularly.

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