Jeff Jarett on Asking WWE to Pay The Rest Of His Dues

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Jeff Jarett on Asking WWE to Pay The Rest Of His Dues

According to wrestling rumors, Jeff Jarett tried to ask WWE to pay him a lot of money to perform during his last appearance for them. Jeff Jarett held his first episode of My World with Jeff Jarett. According to Jeff, he simply asked WWE to pay him $300,000 instead of the $150,000 that was originally agreed upon before his last show at Backlash 1999.

Jeff simply stated that he was asking for his dues before leaving WWE, as WWE did not pay him for the last few PPV appearances.

Jeff Jarett Speaks About Asking WWE to Pay Him $300,000

Apparently, Jeff appeared on the Backlash 1999 PPV without a contract.

He also did not want to ruin Chyna’s night, his opponent that night, as she was set to win the match. Jeff spoke about the problem that he had with Jim Ross, who was the Head of Talent Relations at that time. “He [Ross] didn’t like it,” Jarrett said.

“I said ‘Jim look at me because I really want you to understand where I’m coming from, you’re absolutely right, you do not have to do this, Vince doesn’t have to do this, nobody has to do this.

I’m wanting my money and I’m talking about multiple pay-per-views, I’m not under contract, let’s just end this deal one way or another. You know as well as I do tomorrow my value in payoffs are not even remotely important, they’re kind of important today but it’s y’all’s decision on how important, it’s not mine.’ “30 minutes go by, 40 minutes go by and Jim and Terry [Taylor] walk up [to me] and said ‘Go get your bag, get dressed, we’ll have it for you before you go to the ring.’ I had seen Chyna walking around multiple times, not that it was my responsibility to be worrying about her personal feelings but I did have some compassion for her, I really did because it was her night in so many ways and she deserved every bit of it”.

Jeff Jarett then spoke about Vince McMahon actually appearing and actually gave him an envelope with the money that he asked for. “Vince walks up in his three-piece suit, I’ll never forget the look, opened up his shirt pocket, got out a white envelope and said ‘Thank you, I appreciate it, now go tear the house down,’ Jarrett said.

“I said ‘Yes sir boss, looking forward to it,’ and he handed me the check. Here I am, 20 minutes or an hour and a half before showtime, I got a check, now what the hell am I going to do with it?”