Several AEW superstars have a test match with WWE

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Several AEW superstars have a test match with WWE

In recent months it has happened that several of the former WWE athletes appeared on AEW televisions, especially after the huge wave of layoffs that occurred on April 15 last year and then replicated (in a much smaller way), the same day this year.

In fact, during 2020 and 2021, several wrestlers who were a part of Vince McMahon's federation have become an integral part of the All Elite Wrestling roster, such as Miro, the former WWE Rusev, the late Luke Harper, who has returned to being Brodie Lee before his tragic demise, the FTRs, who called themselves Revival in the Stamford company ring, and several other colleagues.

Several AEW superstars have a test match with WWE

Apparently, in the last few days, some AEW ring workers are said to have tried to do the reverse path instead, that is, they would have tried to get a contract with WWE company, doing one of the famous tryout matches for the company.

As confirmed by the well-known overseas podcast, Fightful Select, in fact, after taking part in some episodes of AEW Dark, the secondary broadcast that the company of the Khans records before Dynamite, some athletes would instead have appeared in the WWE rings, obviously in matches not filmed by the federation cameras.

On the days of May 6 and 7, the following appeared in the WWE rings at the Performance Center: Tesha Price, Alex Gracia, Ava Everett and Natalia Markova. Tesha Price will probably be remembered by fans of the WWE Universe who followed the Mae Young Classic, where the girl fought a match against Britt Baker.

The colleague Alex Grazia was instead an integral part of the programming of the AEW since September, even if she had already had a tryout match with the WWE in 2019, but it was not successful. The last two athletes Ava Everett and Natalia Markova, are both young athletes who have been working in the independent world for a few years, who have tried their luck once again in WWE, after having failed some tryout matches in the past years.

We will now see if any of these girls will be signed by the WWE or if we will continue to see them in the AEW rings in the near future, maybe even in the Dynamite rings and not just on Dark ones. AEW has seemingly leveled up since NXT moved to Tuesdays as Tony Khan and co.

have consistently breached the one million mark in TV viewership and ratings. All Elite Wrestling has caught the attention of the masses, and there are several stories to discuss in today's edition of the AEW rumor roundup.

A promising talent has revealed that she turned down a big WWE contract following a tryout. Elsewhere, a few AEW Dark regulars recently appeared at a WWE Tryout.