Cesaro's message to Roman Reigns after SmackDown

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Cesaro's message to Roman Reigns after SmackDown

During the night, the storyline valid for the WWE Universal Championship developed even more with Cesaro who will face the titleholder and WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns in the next WWE Pay per View at Wrestlemania Backlash.

It was a really good evening for Cesaro who initially intervened during the segment that saw Jimmy Uso's return to SmackDown and attacked Reigns and his family. Shortly after, Seth Rollins intervened and the two came to blows so much that the referees were forced to separate them.

Immediately afterwards Teddy Long intervened who sanctioned the match between Cesaro and Seth Rollins for the evening and in case of victory The Swiss Cyborg thus had the chance against Reigns at Wrestlemania Backlash. That's exactly how it went and Cesaro will have the opportunity of him, perhaps with the hope of avenging his friend Daniel Bryan after the events that happened just a few days ago.

Cesaro will face Roman Reigns

Through his official channels and in particular, on his Instagram profile, Cesaro commented on what happened last night at Friday Night SmackDown. Here are his words: "I think it's really great to have taken the first chance to win a World title at Smackdown and I did it in a special edition of Smackdown.

I believe in Old School values ​​and I think hard work pays off. Sunday 16th May will be an extraordinary evening, it will be a great test and I think the best is yet to come." Already last week Cesaro declared war on social media on the Tribal Chief of the company releasing intriguing words: "It wasn't a good evening.

Bryan really said a lot more to me than people might think, I can't look forward and think I won't see him there again next week. I'm already thinking about how and when I'll get my hands on Roman Reigns."

At the same time Cesaro was up to his word and this week the Swiss started his revenge. It seemed this would be a family affair, but Cesaro had other plans. The Swiss Cyborg came into the ring and decimated Roman Reigns and the Usos.

Cesaro first turned his attention to the Head of the Table before taking out Jey Uso, who tried to protect his Tribal Chief. Finally, he took out the returning Jimmy Uso, who set differences aside to come to the aid of his family.

The night ended with Cesaro leaving destruction in his wake, as Roman Reigns, Jey and Jimmy Uso were laid out on the mat.