Paul Heyman talks about Sin Cara's character

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Paul Heyman talks about Sin Cara's character

One of the pairs that currently works the most on WWE's TV screens is undoubtedly the one formed by the Universal Smackdown champion, Roman Reigns and his personal advisor, as well as on-screen manager, Paul Heyman. In fact, this strange collaboration between the two was born a few months ago, which led the former Shield mastiff to pass through the ranks of WWE heels, in the most shocking and unexpected way possible.

Reigns has in fact gone alongside the manager of one of the unscrupulous monsters par excellence of the entire history of the McMahon company: Brock Lesnar. Apparently, however, initially, Paul Heyman was not very convinced to work alongside Reigns, precisely because of the long on-screen collaboration he had with Lesnar for years.

Cinta de Oro, aka Sin Cara, was released by WWE at the end of 2019, and the former NXT Tag Team Champion has since returned to compete in Mexico. WWE's original creative plans for Sin Cara have now been revealed via Fightful Select.

He was brought back to RAW a couple of months before his WWE release, but the 43-year-old "saw the writing on the wall."

Paul Heyman on Sin Cara

WWE booked Sin Cara and Katrina together just to get Andrade and Zelina Vega over.

Beyond the said objective, WWE had no long-term plans for the two. Fightful Select's story also revealed that Paul Heyman himself told Cara backstage that the Sin Cara character was "dead." In his latest interview, released to Sports Illustrated, the WWE Mad Genius wanted to talk about what kept him initially away from the idea of ​​being Roman Reigns' on-screen manager, with the former director of ECW Paul Heyman, who in fact he explained: "I could never start the conversation without telling you how reluctant I was initially to do something like this in this industry after eight years, or rather after 18 years, pursuing my career alongside Brock Lesnar.

Look what we have achieved: a 500-day champion run, multiple world title wins, the single most important victory in the history of entertainment sport, in conquering the Streak. There was very little chance for me to return to another on-screen role.

For me, having a new life, in front of the cameras, a life after Brock Lesnar, the only reminder that could convince me to try such an impossible goal was to do it with someone who would have lived their life in search of that impossibility and that someone is Roman Reigns.

And that's why someone, I mean anyone, I mean that's why everyone should be watching Roman Reigns. Every single micro-moment, he lives in the frame, we are witnessing the search for the greatest career of all time in the annals of sport, in the annals of entertainment and in the annals of sports entertainment."