Did Paul Heyman completely invent an angle on Smackdown?

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Did Paul Heyman completely invent an angle on Smackdown?

In the episode dedicated to the plunge into the past of Friday Night SmackDown, the show opened as often happens lately, with Paul Heyman and the Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who accompanied by Roman's younger cousin, Jey Uso, were preparing to enter the ring.

After a few seconds, Heyman with the microphone in his hand wanted to "pay homage" to the now disappeared from the television screens of the blue show, Daniel Bryan, with the tolling of the bell, which is usually used for the premature deaths of wrestlers.

On this occasion, however, Heyman did not get help from the WWE timekeeper, or the one who usually rings the bell, but he wanted to ring the chimes himself, with his mouth, so much so as to trigger a shy smile on the part of the champion, standing by his side.

Paul Heyman's said to have completely invented an angle

As revealed by the pages of the well-known Ringside News site, it would seem that the promo carried out by Paul Heyman on SmackDown, especially the initial part, where the Mad Genius wanted to ring the bell with his own voice, was not part of the original script of the episode.

According to some internal sources, who spoke with the Ringside reporters, Paul Heyman would have gone completely off the cuff in the first part of the promo, going out of what was initially agreed with Vince McMahon, who was the only executive of the creative team present during the evening.

, given the absences of Bruce Prichard and Ed Koskey. Although the Mad Genius decided of his own free will to get out of the sow, it still received good feedback from the backstage, with all the insiders who would have been positively surprised by the brilliant idea of ​​Reigns' on-screen manager.

Someone even started applauding according to internal sources who spoke to reporters. Once again, Paul Heyman has proven himself to be number one with the microphone in hand, with WWE continuing to hold onto Mad Genius, especially to further grow that Universal Champion who now seems unstoppable, both inside and out.

from the ring. Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell recently discussed Roman Reigns' dominance on WWE SmackDown as well as his partnership with Paul Heyman. Mantell also predicted where he felt WWE is going with this. "I'm going to bring up a thought that I had.

Every time Roman Reigns is interviewed, the interviews are so serious. The camera comes in, his head's down, he's in deep thought. Then the camera pulls back and there's Heyman, looking right at Roman... he's just looking at Roman.

That's going to lead somewhere. So I think, it may not be true but I think Brock Lesnar will come back and I think Heyman will turn on Reigns and go back with Lesnar," Dutch Mantell said.