Latest update on Aleister Black's WWE status

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Latest update on Aleister Black's WWE status

One of the protagonists of the WWE rings that has been missing for a long time on the federation's television screens, at least in an active way, is that Aleister Black who in recent weeks has reappeared with strange and disturbing cartoons, broadcast live on Friday Night Smackdown.

After months of nothing, Zelina Vega's husband has in fact reappeared in front of the cameras of the Stamford federation, playing a whole new character, that of the storyteller, always in a fairly dark version, while with a big book in his hand he tells the story of a "father.

"unspecified and its vicissitudes with life and death.

Aleister Black returned to WWE TV two weeks ago

As you will surely have seen during the Smackdown live broadcast on FOX screens this week, no Aleister Black cartoons were aired, nor did we have his long-awaited return to the ring, with the fans, who are they were also quite bitter about it, as they had been waiting for this segment for a whole week.

As revealed by the ever-present Ringside News, apparently Aleister Black was physically present in the backstage of the WWE, but would not have been used in any way, at the behest of the management itself. According to what was reported by the journalists of the well-known overseas site, cartoons were also planned for him previously recorded by the company, but Vince McMahon would have preferred to give space to other segments during the evening, leaving the tattooed wrestler temporarily parked in a corner.

by Smackdown. With the confirmed absence of Bruce Prichard and Ed Koskey, who are respectively considered the right and left arm of the Chairman, Vince McMahon had too much work for one person, so he had to eliminate several plans that he did not like, not being able to follow.

the main ideas of his two helpers. In place of the two, however, another great booker was called by NXT, or Dave Kapoor, already seen on-screen as manager of The Great Khali, with the name of Ranjin Singh. It is therefore hoped that Aleister Black is only a momentary absence, who as early as next week could return to tread the scene in Smackdown.

What the former NXT Champion's intentions are upon his return to SmackDown are currently unknown. If his behavior in these vignettes is anything to go by, he'll still be portraying a heel character once he does get back in the ring, though.

Big E, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura are just a few examples of babyface stars Black could clash with, in the near future. Cesaro could also be targeted once his business with Roman Reigns has concluded.