Vince McMahon's reaction to Daniel Bryan's status

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Vince McMahon's reaction to Daniel Bryan's status

One of the most important news of recent weeks in the world of wrestling undoubtedly concerns the contractual situation of Daniel Bryan, one of the most important wrestlers of Friday Night Smackdown and in general of the whole WWE.

In the penultimate episode of the blue show, WWE Universe's favorite Yes Man was defeated by Roman Reigns and banned forever by Smackdown. A few days later it was confirmed that the reason for all this lies in the fact that the wrestler's contract has already expired and not in September as most of the rumors claimed.

All this has thus established a rush to the news about Bryan's future with some fans even talking about an immediate and definitive goodbye to the company and perhaps his passage in some rival company, such as Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling. has the latest backstage update on the entire Bryan situation, including Vince McMahon's reaction.

Daniel Bryan's current WWE status is the most trending topic's colleagues shared an update on Daniel Bryan's situation and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's thoughts on it.

The wrestler is currently spending his hours at home with his family but WWE leaders are confident that the five-time world champion will be back in action soon. A person very close to the parties stated that the relations between the parties are not bad and that Vince believes that Daniel Bryan just needs a bit of recharging in view of his future and eventual return to the company.

Also according to these sources, there would be no economic problems with the WWE which has always treated Daniel Bryan very well and even the idea of ​​the company is to include Bryan in a great match on his return to SummerSlam.

WWE firmly believes in Daniel Bryan's qualities and indeed they also appreciate his creative work (the wrestler was already collaborating with Smackdown in recent times) and according to what WrestlingNews always report the wrestler at the end of his career will work full time in the creative team.

It's not surprising to note that Vince McMahon loves Bryan and has already reserved a full-time backstage role for him once he decides to retire for good. As first reported by Fightful Select, Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expired after losing his Universal title match to Roman Reigns on SmackDown last week.

WWE has been trying to re-sign Daniel Bryan for several months, but no agreements have been reached as of this writing.