Kurt Angle: 'My kids cried when I got attacked by The Fiend'

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Kurt Angle: 'My kids cried when I got attacked by The Fiend'

During his "demonic tour", as it has been defined by several fans and some insiders, Bray Wyatt's alter ego, or The Fiend that scared several generations of WWE Universe fans, attacked several well-known characters of the federation roster, including Jerry "The King" Lawler, Finn Balor and even Kurt Angle, in 2019.

With an attack that came out of nowhere, which was always anticipated by the turning off of the arena lights and the usual demonic music of the arrival of the Fiend, the evil demon of Monday Night Raw had attacked the most disparate characters, before going to open real and their feuds with some of the protagonists of the red show ring, such as Seth Rollins, from which he also snatched the Universal title.

Kurt Angle was slated to be the special guest referee for a singles match between Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander on the final RAW before SummerSlam. The Fiend, however, showed up and laid out Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle was one of The Fiend's first casualties back in 2019

In the last episode of his Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to retrace that attack immediately live on Monday Night Raw, with the phone call received by his wife immediately after the show, with which the woman asked for explanations regarding his involvement in the angle, I am no longer a full-fledged fighter.

In the episode in which former WWE Champion Randy Orton was also present, Angle revealed: "My children, when I was attacked by The Fiend, they started to cry. They were watching TV that night. My wife called me right after and she said 'What the hell is going on there? Why did they let the Fiend attack you? Aren't you fighting anymore? ' I told her it was just my job.

I had to do it because she told me to do it, you know." On the other hand, Orton instead wanted to speak about him on the relationship of the children with the father's work, saying: "Well, my youngest daughter is four years old and I think she still thinks her dad literally travels into the TV to work.

She still hasn't got it right. Older children, on the other hand, already understand what happens. However, all this still does not help them not to be afraid, especially the males; they also met him, Bray. He was one of the first WWE wrestlers they met and that was about six years ago.

So they too have been fans for their entire lives." Bray Wyatt has certainly had an interesting past 12 months on television, to say the least. The former Universal Champion has feuded with the likes of Goldberg, John Cena, Braun Strowman and Randy Orton on both Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown.

The Fiend's feud with The Viper culminated at WrestleMania 37 Night Two in which Bray Wyatt was defeated by Randy Orton after Alexa Bliss shockingly turned on The Fiend.