Former WWE writer discusses his relationship with Triple H

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Former WWE writer discusses his relationship with Triple H

Over the years, there have been several stories about Triple H's desire to literally "bury" his colleagues, guilty of doing something wrong with him or simply because they didn't like the WWE Chairman's son-in-law.

Many times, in fact, jokingly, the insiders depict the Triple with a shovel, a tool that he would use to dig graves for his colleagues, especially during the period in which he was one of the most important main eventers on the WWE main roster.

Precisely about this attitude, another very famous former WWE, as well as booker of WCW and TNA, the well-known Vince Russo, wanted to talk again in his last interview, telling one of the most significant and at the same time ugly moments, of the selfishness of Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the family company.

Vince Russo on Triple H

Interviewed by the Smarkbusters on Youtube, the well-known head booker of WCW, WWF and TNA, Vince Russo has in fact revealed about the post-Curtain Call period of Triple H in WWE: "I don't want credits of any kind, at all, I'm just saying how the facts went because the facts are very important.

When Triple H was carrying out the blue blood gimmick, I was writing him everything he needed to say, everything that came out of Triple H's mouth. Then there was the curtain call scandal at Madison Square Garden and the whole company.

he took it out on Hunter and I just said 'Hunter, they're testing you, stay strong and you'll get out of this too' I was really on his side. Then we got instead to the DX part and together with them we wrote some great things and we also got to different segments with the Nation of Domination and I remember that one night on Raw, Triple H refused to send over D'Lo Brown.

First of all, if you know D'Lo, you know that he is the kindest guy in the world. D'Lo is truly the cutest person in the world and all of a sudden Triple H didn't want to overdo him and I remember taking him back, telling him, 'This guy has sent you over at least ten times.

Now it would be the case that you sent him over.' But I remember that from that moment on I began to look at Triple H in a different way. According to him, it seemed as if D'Lo was inferior to him. But not in my eyes, no, he wasn't."

Damian Priest’s new WWE Chronicle episode captured the moment when Triple H congratulated him after competing in his first WrestleMania match. The latest episode of WWE Network shows WWE Chronicle focused on Priest’s first three months as a RAW Superstar.

Following his WrestleMania debut, cameras showed Triple H applauding the former NXT North American Champion’s performance.